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The official FOTW flag was designed by Mark Sensen. Click on the flag to view its history and meaning. This waving flag was drawn by Pascal Gross.

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Flags of the World (FOTW) is the Internet's largest site devoted to vexillology (the study of flags).

About FOTW

FOTW (Flags Of The World) is a site originally established by Giuseppe Bottasini, and devoted to vexillology. The site is fed with news and images posted to the FOTW mailing list and with other contributions from interested readers and visitors. The contributors and the Editorial Staff all work at FOTW freely and the contents of these pages are offered freely to the Internet community. FOTW is a full member of FIAV (Fédération internationale des associations vexillologiques) as of July 2001. Before accessing this site please read our disclaimers and copyright rules. See also our page about the history of FOTW.

Information about the 20th International Congress of Vexillology (28 July - 1 August, 2003, Stockholm).

Useful links in FOTW

  • Colouring Book. Black and white line drawings of flags for you to colour in.
  • UFEs unidentified flags and ensigns we have encountered - can you help us by identifying them?
  • A glossary of vexillological terms.
  • A bibliography of flag books.
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  • Do you want to build your own copy of this site? Check build your own local copy or mirror of FOTW website.
  • Disclaimers and copyright rules.
  • View our awards.
  • Interested in helping maintain this site? Pages are edited by volunteer editors - qualifications include a keen interest in flags and a willingness to learn html editing. Graphics (flag images) require a willingness to work with graphics programs. Contact for further information.

Related sites

  • The Flag Detective, compiled by Edward Mooney, will help you to identify common flags.
  • Coats of arms of countries, states, and municipalities available from the International Civic Heraldry site, maintained by Ralf Hartemink.
  • Flag Links and Personal Flags by Philippe Bondurand.
  • Tom Gregg's War Flags Glossary.
  • When to fly the flag: the Flag Flying Days site.
  • What's new ? Check Shipmate's recently changed flags.
  • Interested in flags on stamps? See the The Philatelic Vexillology Society maintained by Robert Murray.
  • Looking for smaller flag images to use as icons? Check Edward Mooney's miniflags site.
  • Writing a report on flags? See Edward Mooney's Flag Report for some hints and directions.
  • Medals of the World maintained by Megan Robertson.
  • Looking for National Anthems? Try the NationalAnthems site.
  • Other related sites Our main links page.

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