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Brod Moravice (The Coast-Gorski Kotar, Croatia)

Opc'ina Brod Moravice

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by Zeljko Heimer, 25 August 2003

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Brod Moravice is a community with just above 1000 inhabitants some 60 km. east of Rijeka in central Gorski Kotar around the sources of Dobra river.
The coat of arms pictures in the green field St. Nicolas and in chief an escalop and an Andrew's cross couped.
Source: [osg02] Oatric Goroslav: Monumenta heraldica, izbor iz heraldicke baatine primorsko-goranske ~upanije, Pomorski i povijesni muzej Hrvatskog primorja Rijeke, 2002.
The same coat of arms is shown in a woodwork at points where roads entrer the community. I have photographed it in 1999. Since it is made in natural wood, it is of much rougher artwork then the one shown by Ostric.
There must be a flag to match it, but I have no info on it.
Zeljko Heimer, 3 July 2003

I received mail from Robert Grubisa from Rijeka informing me on the flag. Here is translation sumarized:
Brod Moravice - The flag is blue with the coat of arms in the middle. Information based on an article in Novi List.
Zeljko Heimer, 9 July 2003

Brod Moravice issued two decisions in 1997 and 2001 each defining quite different set of symbols:
- Odluka o uporabi grba i zastave Opcine Brod Moravice, 13.02.1997, Slu~bene novine }upanije primorsko-goranske, 21. veljace 1997.
- Odluka o uporabi grba i zastave Opcine Brod Moravice, 02.07.2001, Slu~bene novine Primorsko-goranske ~upanije, 13. srpnja 2001.
The first decision (see: 1997 Symbols) adopted coat fo arms somewhat more complicated then latter: divided with a blue wavy bend, in upper green field showing St. Nicolas, as in the current arms and in base in white field a green linden leaf and a golden linden fruit. The flag was divided diagonally green and blue with a white stripe among them that is continuation of the bend in the coat of arms. It was bordered golden on three edges. The ceremonial flag was of vertical version of it with golden border along the long edges and a golden fringe along the bottom.
I prepaire reconstruction based on written description only. The descriptions are rather vague regarding details that would allow easy reconstruction - even contradicting, is the white diagonal stripe is continuation o fthe bend in coat of arms, then the bend must be more level then one would expect it from pure heraldic description (since the ratio of flag is explicitly given 1:2). Then further this angle can't produce similar effect in the vertical ceremonial flag, since the Coat of Arms is rotated differently, but here I believe that the text could be interpretted such as I have shown on my gifs. The description clearly talks about the golden border around three sides of the flag, but this may be for of a fring meant - but on the other hand on the ceremonial flag is prescribed golden border along vertical edges and golden fringe along lower edge. In any case - these reconstructions are to be taken with a grain (or more) of salt.
The Coat of Arms that I have seen and photographed on the entrance to the community from the main road Zagreb-Rijeka in 2000, is kind of an intermediate design between the one prescribed in 1997 and the one finally adopted in 2001: it is still diagonally divided, but the blue wavy is gone, the upper field is red (with St. Nicolas) and the lower is white (with linden leaf and fruit). This is either a proposed/pondered design, or simplification made by the maker of the road sign (which was made of wood, so simplification might not be that unusual thing to want).
It was probably after the "suggestion" from the Ministry of Administration that the design is changed, though it too some years. It would be interesting to find out if the 1997 design was ever used, on Coat of Arms and even more on flag, and if the ceremonial flag was ever made.
The new design adopted in 2001 (and presumably approved by the Ministry soon), simplify the previous ideas: a green field St. Nicolas and in chief a golden escalop and a silver Andrew's cross couped. (I previously posted similar image but with the escallop silver instead, as it is shown in Oatric [osg02], but that is wrong!)
The flag is blue with the coat of arms in the middle bordered white (as prescribed by the decision).
The ceremonial flag is described to be bordered or fringed gold. What that exactly means, i.e. if they mean that it is the same as the "normal" flag but with golden fringe on three edges, or if they mean that there is a special gonfalon with incidently also includes golden border or/and fringe - is a research project that shall have to wait.
Zeljko Heimer, 25 August 2003

Coat of Arms

by Zeljko Heimer, 25 August 2003

1997 Symbols

Flag - 1997-2001 (Reconstruction)

by Zeljko Heimer, 25 August 2003

Coat of Arms - 1997-2001 (Reconstruction)

by Zeljko Heimer, 25 August 2003

Ceremonial Flag - 1997-2001 (Reconstruction)

by Zeljko Heimer, 25 August 2003

Note: It is highly probable that these early versions (not only here, but in other cities/communities as well) were never actually produced.
Zeljko Heimer, 26 August 2003