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Baska (The Coast-Gorski Kotar, Croatia)

Opc'ina Baaka

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by Zeljko Heimer, 22 August 2003

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Baska (Baaka) - The coat of arms picture the patron saint of Baska St. John. On the ceremonial flag there is also the floral motive taken from Bascanska ploca, the first written monument in Croatian language, preserved in a church near Baska, on the island of Krk. Adopted: around 1995 (?).
Source: Tourist Board of the Community of Baska, <>.
Zeljko Heimer

Baaka is a community of about 1500 inhabitants on southern end of Krk island. It was an imporant place in early Croatian history, and the oldest stone monument written in Croatian language (in Glagolitic script) is preserved there. The ornament from the monument is part of the Ceremonial Flag.
Zeljko Heimer, 1 Juky 2003

By reading the documents issued in the official gazette I have found out that the ceremonial flag that was reported by me in 1998 is quite wrong (see: Reported Wrong Ceremonial Flag). Unfortunately, the soruce of the info proved to be apparently not very relaible, even if it should have been, as it was the Tourist Board of Baaka Community. I have suspected that the "shieldlike" flag is not very likely, but on my insisting they replied that the ceremonial flag is exactly as I posted it then.
There are two decisions on Coat of Arms and flag issued in the official gazette:
- Odluka o grbu i zastavi Opcine Baaka, 25.09.1995, Slu~bene novine }upanije primorsko-goranske, br. 20/95, 9. listopada 1995.
- Odluka o izmjeni i dopuni Odluke o grbu i zastavi Opcine Baaka, 02.04.1997, Slu~bene novine Primorsko-goranske ~upanije, br. 7/97, 11. travnja 1997.
The first one adopts the symbols that are sightly different from those currently used - namely the coat of arms adopted on 25 September 1995 followed the historical pattern closely, so the saint was holding his right hand rised in blessing with three fingers streched. Similar handsign was used by the extreme Serbs in the agression on Croatia during 1990's, so this was changed to a more neutral position. I suppose that the change was made after a suggestion from the Ministry of Administration.
The three-fingered Coat of Arms was changed to the current pattern where just one finger is rised (the index finger). This was adopted on 2 April 1997, so that should be he adoption date for the corrent flag.
The flag is described as blue with the coat of arms in the middle bordered yellow. The 1997 change changed the Coat of Arms in it, of course.
The ceremonial flag is described to have three tails with ornaments, the coat of arms in the middle and the name of the community above. The details are not given, but I dare to assume that it must be something similar to the image I attach (but beware, it is still unconfirmed reconstruction!). It was also amended in 1997 regarding the Coat of Arms.
Zeljko Heimer, 21 August 2003

Ceremonial Flag

by Zeljko Heimer, 22 August 2003

I just received answer from the community officials regarding my question on the ceremonial flag and the details of the 1997 change. Actually I received a photo of the ceremonial flag (post 1997 version), so this image is based on this photo.
Zeljko Heimer, 22 August 2003

Coat of Arms

by Zeljko Heimer, 22 August 2003

1995 Symbols

Flag (1995-1997)

by Zeljko Heimer, 21 August 2003

Coat of Arms (1995-1997)

by Zeljko Heimer, 21 August 2003

Ceremonial Flag (1995-1997)

by Zeljko Heimer, 23 August 2003

Reported Wrong Ceremonial Flag

by Zeljko Heimer, 1 July 2003

Cultural Society "`oto"

by Zeljko Heimer, 21 August 2003

One may also note that the flag of Cultural Society "`oto" from Baaka was shown on the web site of the Valentino-vez flagmakers (<>) that is apparently not available any more. It is a gonfalon of blue with three tails and the same ornaments in them, in the middle is representation of "Baacanska ploca" with two local instruments and inscription 'Kulturno druatvo "`oto" Baaka'. As the site is unavailable any more, I attach the image therefrom.
Zeljko Heimer, 21 August 2003