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Bosnian Podrinje Canton Gorazde (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Bosansko Podrinjski Kanton, Canton 5

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by Zeljko Heimer, 18 March 2002

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New Flag and Coat of Arms ?

by Pascal Vagnat, 30 January 2004

from <>

The website of the Bosansko-Podrinski kanton <>, shows a different coat of arms than the one Zeljko reported. The flag of the kanton has two vertical stripes blue-yellow with the coat of arms in the middle. Proportions 1:2.
You can see it as a table flag on a photo of the site (<>)
 The website unfortunately gives us only a law about the seal of the kanton.
 Here is a reconstruction of the flag. I don't know if the blue of the coat of arms is darker than the blue stripe of the flag.
Pascal Vagnat, 30 January 2004

It seems that in al the documents there (including the constitution) the full name of the canton is "Bosansko-podrinjski kanton Gorazde" at least since 1997. To the best of my knowlage, the other cantons do not include the name of the capital in their official name in this way.
Could there be a Bosansko-podrinjski in a nother canton and this is the way to make the disctinction ?
Marc Pasquin, 31 January 2004

No, I don't think that his is the case, but surely, this canton is not the only one that is situated in Bosnian Podrinje (Podrinje means region along Drina river), most of the eastern Republic of Srpska is situated in Bosnian Podrinje, of course, since Drina forms its eastern border. The canton nr. 3., that of Tuzla might also have claim for the name (and was once called "Tuzlansko-podrinjski kanton", but since changed name to "Tuzlanski kanton" only). In a way it may also be kind of distinction from the Canton 2 - Bosnian- Posavina Canton (Posavski kanton) that also uses (used?) the same abberviation BPK.
In any case it is Bosnian-Podrinje Canton Gorazde now.
Zeljko Heimer, 31 January 2004


Goraz<dansko-podrinjski kanton (Canton of Gorazde and Podrinje), the name of the region near Drina river - border river through most of its course towards FR Yugoslavia)
Zeljko Heimer, 9 December 1999

Gorazde Kanton is now named Bosansko Podrinjski Kanton, capital is still Gorazde.
Adrian Sramek, 9 July 2001

I am not sure how precise this information is. Some time ago the canton (the Canton V, as it is know by numerical notation) had (proposed?) name of Gorazdansko-podrinjski (or similar), but the reference to Podrinje (region near Drina river, the border river between Yugoslavia and B&H) was dropped after objections (by whom?) that the canton does not reach Drina river at all. If I am not much mistaken on the last ellections it was still named Gorazde canton (or
Gorazdanski kanton, if you prefer).
I shall not rule out the possibility that some new changes were made recently, but we shall need some more precise information for that...
Zeljko Heimer, 9 July 2001

According to governmental web pages of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the present canton name is: 5. Bosnian Podrinje (former Gorazde-Podrinje).
Jan Zrzavy, 17 July 2001

A visitor of my FAME pages sent me an image of the CoA of Bosankso- podrinjski kanton (Canton nr. 5, initially called also Gorazdansko-podrinjski kanton, but I think the BPK name might be official now), and he described the flag as "similar to SDA green-white-green flag in which the initials are replaced by the CoA".
The coat of arms is obviously based on the previous CoA of Bosnia, the well known fleur-de-lis CoA. The golden ornament in the white bend is, I guess, nothing more then an ornament, though it might be based on the representation of the historical f-d-l arms in some of the famous armorials. The three flowers in the lower part are, I guess, again from some historical source, the lilies made more naturally. The helmet issuing from the band might be from the same period (12th century?). The helm as well as the colouring of the upper part are extremly unheraldical, unfortunately.
Zeljko Heimer, 18 March 2002

Coat of Arms

by Zeljko Heimer, 18 March 2002