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Bosnia and Herzegovina - Human Rights Ombudsman

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by Oskar Myszor, 18 March 2002

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Human Rights Ombudsman

I was in Croatia in the Summer on vacation and I was coming back to Poland through Bosnia. In Sarajevo I saw an unknown flag, which was hung vertically with national flag. National flag was in right, and this was on left: "On blue background a plain yellow map of Bosnia surrounded by 12 white stars. Measures and colours similar to national flag". Could it be a flag of president of BiH (Izetbegovic)?
Oskar Myszor, 24 December 2001

The last question is quite easily answered - no. First of all, there is no such thing as president of BiH. The chief of the state is a three-person body called Presidency. (of course, each of the three is from one of the nations of BiH, a Bosniak, a Croat and a Serb). The Chairman of the Presidency is chosen on rotational principle for a short period of time (six months? I'm not sure).
Anyway, I would not know what the flag was - quite possibly some European humanitaran or political organization - there would be quite a number of these in Sarajevo to choose from. I'd guess that the building on which it was hoisted is the headquarters of that organization. I don't suppose that you would be able to identify the building more closely...
Zeljko Heimer, 26 December 2001

If BiH hasn't a president, maybe it is a flag of Presidency or another governmental flag? Or flag of Office of High Representative?
This flag could be conjuncted to the European Union - it has 12 stars, like EU flag. I think, that it isn't a  flag of non-governmental organisation, because similarity to national flag is very evidental - the same measures, colours and white stars. And both flag were hang together. I had a camera on vacations and I described this flag from the film. Unfortunately, I can't say anything about the building where it was hang, because some cars covered the bottom of view,
Oskar Myszor, 26 December 2001

I don't think it is a flag of Presidency. OHR does not use any "personal flag" and the flag used  is only the flag of
the UN. Emblem of OHR consist of underlined letters OHR (See: <>).
It is certainly connected with EU, but the BiH national flag also is, so there is little help from the design. If I have noticed properly, you mentioned that the stars were white. I suppose that they were five-pointed and indeed 12 of them (and not 10 six-pointed stars, as in FBiH CoA)
I am not saying that it is an NGO flag, but it may as well be, no matter the similarity of the design - for example it could easily be flag of BiH European Movement, or Eurpoean Relief Organization or something of the sort (I just invented these for examples), But I don't think it goes for an NGO, more probably that it is some governmental organziation - but not necesserily of the BiH governmnt, it may also be of one or more other European state governmnets or one belonging to EU or EC or similar.
It may also be something not belonging to any organization, but pertaining to, say Stability Pact or similar "happening" (if that is appropriate word)...
It shouldn't be unusual to see both flag hang together. I guess sthat it would be quite the normal thing to do - one hoist the national flag together with his orgnaziational flag,
Well, anyway, it remains an UFE...
Zeljko Heimer, 27 December 2001

I think I found a solution today. It could be flag of Human Rights Ombudsman - check this link <>. Sure, it there are some differents (stars are yellow and colours are not the same as on national flag), but logo is very similar.
Oskar Myszor, 18 March 2002

This is the flag of the Ombudsman za ljudska prava Bosne i Hercegovine which can also be seen at <>. Their emblem: the map with white stars, can be seen neatly weaved onto a flag in the left of the page. And, as I know where the flag's hanging from (Marsala Tita 7, Sarajevo), I can confirm this being their address.
Muhamed Mesic, 13 November 2002

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