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Democratic Republic of Congo - Coat of Arms

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[Congo Dem. coat-of-arms] by Zeljko Heimer, 30 Apr 1999 See also:

Coat of arms of DR Congo 1999 -

The Democratic Republic of Congo has adopted new arms but whether Kabila has a new Presidential flag is not known.
Bruce Berry, 16 Aug 1999

Some time ago [tfb] shown a new seal of Dep. Rep. Congo since June 1997 but when I visited embassy of Dep. Rep. Congo in Tokyo the other day, they told me that they still use of coat of arms of Zaire / Congo-Kinshasa adopted in 1963 since leopard has been a nationís symbol and that the coat of arms was not adopted by the Depocratic Republic of Congo. They could not show me the official statement of coat of arms after revolution. Which one is right, lion in [tfb] or leopard?
Nozomi Kariyasu, 02 Apr 1999

New Arms of 2003

[New Arms of 2003] sent by Jens Pattke, 19 Jul 2004

from the transitional constitution of the Democratic Republic of Congo dated 1 Apr 2003 (from this pdf-file).
Article 4
The Democratic Republic of Congo shall, within its borders of 30 June 1960, be an independent, sovereign, indivisible, democratic, social and secular State.
Its emblem shall be a sky-blue flag with a large yellow star in the centre and six small yellow stars all of the same size and set longitudinally along the side of the flagpole.
The national anthem shall be "Debout Congolais".
The motto shall be "Democracy, Justice, Unity".
Its currency shall be the "Congo Franc".
Its coat of arms shall consist of a lion's head framed by two laurel branches with hands crossed in the centre.
Jens Pattke, 19 Jul 2004

New Arms?

[Congo Dem. Rep new arms?] sent by Zeljko Heimer, 18 Jul 2004

A regular visitor to my pages sent me this this COA image obviously connected with DR Congo. What would this be? Is this a new DR Congo COA? Does anyone know a bit more about it. What's with the previously reported "starry" shield?
Zeljko Heimer, 18 Jul 2004

I don't know about the Congo connection, but book, hoe and AK-47 are straight off the Mozambique flag.  The cog wheel was also used on that flag in the past.
Could this be related to some FRELIMO or Mozambican-related group in Congo (or perhaps when it was Zaire)?
Richard Knipel, 18 Jul 2004

This image is taken from my website. The original image was posted by Jaume Ollé on the Vexillum list on 30 Dec 2001, the source being a postage stamp. However at this webpage  is the text (in French) about the transitional constitution of the Democratic Republic of Congo dated 1 Apr 2003 where it is said that the coat of arms features a lion's head surrounded by two laurels with, in the center, two shaking hands ("Ses armoiries se composent d'une tête de lion encadrée par deux lauriers avec au centre des mains entrecroisées.").
So it seems that the actual coat of arms of the Democratic Republic of Congo is a bit different.
Pascal Gross, 18 Jul 2004

The Senate and the Parliament shall gather very soon in Kinshasa to finally end the so-called Transition. Among the issues raised are the new Constitution, including the national symbols. The symbols chosen by the representatives should later be validated by referendum.
The news appeared in the newspaper from Kinshasa "Le Phare" and was relayed by several press agencies.
Ivan Sache, 20 Jul 2004

Coat of arms of DR Congo 1997 - 1999

On this page is a reference to the state emblem in the DR Congo constitution in French:
"Ses armoiries se composent d'une tête de lion encadrée, à gauche, d'une branche de palmier et d'une flèche et, à droite, d'une pointe d'ivoire et d'une lance, le tout reposant sur une pierre."
Nitesh Dave, 2 Jul 2000

That is: "Its coat of arms is a lion´s head framed by, to the left, a palm-tree branch and an arrow and, to the right, an ivory point [pointer?] and a lance, all of it upon a rock."
This looks pretty much like the Zaire CoA, only the motto has been exchanged for... a rock - and a reppard for a rion.
Nicolas Rucks, 2 Jul 2000

Coat of arms of Zaire 1971 - 1997

Zairian flag
by Marcus Wendel, 16 Aug 1999 (source:[tal94])

The coat of arms (e.g. used in the top-left corner of the presidential flag of Zaire). The text is "Justice, Peace, Work".
Marcus Wendel, 16 Aug 1999