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Hitler Youth (NSDAP, Germany)

Hitler Jugend, HJ

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[Hitler Youth (NSDAP, Germany)] 29:50
Hitler Youth Organization Flag / Hitlerjugend Organisationsfahne
by Jaume Ollé

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Hitler Jugend was both the name of all youth organizations of the Third Reich [including Deutsche Jungvolk, Bund Deutscher Mädel and Jungmädel] and the name of one of the suborganizations, that for boys between 14 and 18 years old.

Hitler Jugend was founded in 1926 as a part of the Sturmabteilung (SA). After the Nazis came to power in 1933 the non-Nazi youth organizations of the Third Reich were either disbanded or absorbed into the Hitler Jugend with the exception of the catholic organizations which survived until 1936. Membership in the Hitler Jugend (or one of its suborganizations) was made obligatory in 1 December 1936 when the Gesetz über die Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth Act) was passed. In 1939 the Hitler Jugend (and its suborganizations) had circa 9 million members.

Marcus Wendel, 1999

Hitler Youth Organization Flag

Hitler Jugend Organisationsfahne

A red-white-red striped flag (white stripe slightly smaller). In the center a white square standing on its point, with a black swastika. Ratio: 29:50. [Illustrated at top.]

Norman Martin, February 1998

I saw this flag abundantly in the film Swing Kids which is set just before World War Two in Germany. The description of it is very simple: horizontally divided red-white-red, with a black swastika on a white square over it. In the film, I saw it waving in classes and on a field, at a sort of academy of the Hitlerjugend. It is strange though that it actually looks like the Austrian flag with just a swastika on it, but I do not think that could be the explanation, since the film was not set in Austria. The other flag also present in the film was the red flag, with the swastika on a white disc.

Filip Van Laenen, 3 October 1996

Regimental Flag


[Hitler Youth Regimental Flag (NSDAP, Germany)] 29:50
Regiment no. 33 / Bann Nr. 33
by Jaume Ollé

A red-white-red striped flag (white stripe slightly smaller). In the center a black Prussian type regimental eagle (type of eagle used on Prussian regimental flags since the 18th century) with a white sword and black hammer in its claws. Above the head a white scroll with regimental letter. Ratio 29:50.

Norman Martin, February 1998

Company Flag


[Hitler Youth Company Flag (NSDAP, Germany)] 29:50
Company no. 2 of Regiment no. 86 / Gefolgschaft Nr. 2 im Bann Nr. 86
by Jaume Ollé

Trumpet Flag


[Hitler Youth Regimental Flag (NSDAP, Germany)] 1:1
by Jaume Ollé

Other Flags and Construction Details

This plate shows several HJ flags, some of which do not appear above.

Zach Harden, 29 September 2001

The image is quite interesting in that it apparently shows construction details for the HJ flags.

Santiago Dotor, 2 October 2001

These flags (with a few others) can be found in the Organisationsbuch der NSDAP, 7 ed., table 54, facing p. 442. Since this is in German and hard to get, I suggest trying to get hold of D. Littlejohn, The Hitler Youth, Columbia, S.C., 1988, which has a nice chapter on HJ flags on pp.75-80; even better is J.R. Angolia, The HJ, San Jose, California, 1992, Vol.2, pp.216-259, with many photos and illustrations and in many cases good detail on dimensions.

Norman M. Martin, 2 October 2001

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