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House Flags of German Shipping Companies F-M

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Fairplay Tugs

(Fairplay Schleppdampfschiffs-Reederei GmbH)

[Fairplay Tugs (Germany)]
by Jorge Candeias

White with a device centered consisting of a large red four-pointed star charged with a smaller blue 4-pointed star, rotated 45 relative to the larger one.

Jorge Candeias, 20 February 1999

This is interestingly similar to the houseflags of Borchard Lines Ltd. and Lucy Borchard Shipping Ltd.. Any idea of the reason for such similarity? Were these three once the same company?

António Martins, 18 September 2001

Förderverein Salondampfer Alexandra e.V.

Cycling towards the Danish-German border, I saw a ship on the Kiel canal belonging to the shipping company Förderverein Salondampfer Alexandra e.V., whose only purpose is to preserve and sail the Salondampfer Alexandra, Flensburg. Its house flag is per saltire yellow over blue.

Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 27 August 2001

Flensburger Fischereiverein von 1872

The house flag of the shipping company Flensburger Fischereiverein von 1872 is blue, ca. 1/7 yellow at the hoist(?) and ca. 1/3 yellow circle with 3 abstract blue fish swimming flyward.

Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 27 August 2001

Flensburger Schiffbaugesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.

[Flansburger Schiffbaugesellschaft (Germany)]
by Jorge Candeias

Frachtcontor Junge & Co.

[Frachtcontor Junge & Co. (Germany)]
by Jorge Candeias

Hamburg Süd

[Hamburg Sud (Germany)]
by Jorge Candeias

Quartered per saltire in red and white.

Jorge Candeias, 2 February 1999


[Hansa (Germany)]
by Al Fisher

Hartmann Reederei

[Hartmann Reederei (Germany)]
by Jorge Candeias

White with a greyish blue lowercase 'h', in italics, shifted to the fly. The lower leg of the 'h' stretches to the hoist creating a relatively narrow stripe over which are two other stripes in dark red and black.

Jorge Candeias, 2 March 1999


[Hapag-Lloyd (Germany)]
by Jorge Candeias

White with blue and red vertical bands at the hoist and the logo (reminding two arrows) horizontally centered and vertically shifted to the bottom. This looks very unbalanced to me. The GIF is based on the photograph Dov Gutterman found, which had a furled upper fly. Perhaps there is something in that area?

Jorge Candeias, 10 February 1999

Your assumption is correct, the flag does not look exactly right. Check out their logo [and flag] in their website.

M. Moldenhauer, 10 February 2000

John T. Essberger

[John T. Essberger (Germany)]
by Jorge Candeias

A blue "E" on a white field.

Jorge Candeias, 7 March 1999

Mentz, Decker & Co. (Hamburg 1910)

[Mentz, Decker & Co. (Germany)]
by Ivan Sache

Midgard AG & Co. KG

[Midgard AG & Co. KG (Germany)]
by Jorge Candeias

Divided per saltire, white on top and bottom and blue at hoist and fly, with a white oval in the centre, bordered blue and charged with a blue snake (with a huge head, and an even bigger eye, in relative terms).

Jorge Candeias, 14 March 1999

This may be a canting flag: wasn't there a Midgard snake, serpent or dragon in Norse mithology?

António Martins, 18 September 2001

According to Encyclopaedia Universalis, Midgard snake (Midhgardhsormr) keeps the world in place by clasping it into its rings. When the snake relaxes, a generalized flood shall occur and the world shall disappear during the so-called Ragnarok Fate-of-the-Powers, very often mispelled Ragnarokr, Twilight-of-the-Powers Midgard snake is compared to Yggdrasill, the ash tree which supports the world with its branches. When Yggdrasill collapses, the world shall disappear.

Ivan Sache, 19 September 2001

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