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Asturian Nationalist Movements (Spain)

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All the flags that are shown [below] are outdated and no longer in use with the exception of Andecha Astur's flag, known as the "asturina" in what seems a clear imitation of the Basque flag name "ikurrina."

Xon de la Campa Valdés, 25 Feb 2003

Asturian Solidarity

Andecha Astur

[Asturian Solidarity (Asturias, Spain)]
image by Jaume Ollé

The party flag of Ensame Nacionalista Astur is now the party flag of Andecha after becoming one and same political party. The black symbol in the center is called "Flor de L'Agua" (Waterflower) and is a traditional device usally carved into wood or stone, used on houses as a means of protection and bearer of good luck alongside other such devices as triskels, tetraskels and all types of spirals. These symbols were also woven into the traditional garments of the Asturian Country and its areas of influence, such as most of Northen and Western León, thus Leonese political parties (Conceyu Xoven) using the same devices.

Xon de la Campa Valdés, 25 Feb 2003

Andecha is an Asturian word meaning that a group of friends or neighbours from the same rural area or village help each other to pick and collect the corn of the neighbouring fields. Thus, Andecha will come to mean group work (in the expression trabayar en andecha) and Andecha Astur will mean group work for the development of Asturias and the Asturian national identity.

Fernando Braqa, 14 Aug 2001

Former Flag

[Asturian Solidarity (Asturias, Spain)]
image by Lluis Nel, modified by Santiago Dotor

The flag reported image by Dov Gutterman is that of Andecha Astur, an Asturian nationalist / independentist movement. Note also the flower-like symbol elsewhere in those pages, very similar to that of the Leonese Conceyu Xoven, not unusual since both of them support self-government etc. for Asturian/Leonese speaking regions.

Santiago Dotor, 21 Jun 1999

Asturian Nationalist Council 1977-1981

Conceyu Nacionalista Astur

[Asturian Nationalist Council (Asturias, Spain)]
image by Jaume Ollé

Asturian Nationalist Assembly 1981-1988

Ensame Nacionalista Astur

[Asturian Nationalist Assembly (Asturias, Spain), official flag]
Official party flag
image by Jaume Ollé

[Asturian Nationalist Assembly (Asturias, Spain), variant]
image by António Martins and Jordi Pérez

Similar to the device in the [Conceyu Xoven] leonese nationalist flag.

Jaume Ollé, 20 Jun 1999

Ensame Nacionalista Astur used the Asturian flag with Covadonga [or Victory] cross without Alpha and Omega and with red star in canton (as the image [of Andecha Astur] reported image by Dov Gutterman), but only in political meetings because the official flag of the party was white with black emblem in center.

Jaume Ollé, 29 Jun 1999

Asturian Communist Movement

Movimiento Comunista Asturiano

[Asturian Communist Movement (Asturias, Spain), star centered]    [Asturian Communist Movement (Asturias, Spain), star in canton]
both images by António Martins

The light blue flag with red star was used by several groups in the transition period [1975-mid 1980's]. Some of them used it with the star in canton and others with the star in the centre. Always without cross. I have information about the flag used by the Asturian Communist Movement (c. 1975-1982) that was light blue with large red star in center (1/2 of the flag). When used in canton, the star was a bit small.

Jaume Ollé, 29 Jun 1999

Lacking better information, I GIFfed the latter in a 2:3 B- background with the star's diameter equal of 5/12ths of the flag's height centered on a imaginary square canton with side equal to half of the flag's height.

António Martins, 17 Sep 1999

Asturian Nationalist Joint Assembly

Xunta Nacionalista Asturiana

[Asturian Nationalist Joint Assembly (Asturias, Spain)]
image by Jaume Ollé

This is the flag designed 1986 by Astor Paredes for the Xunta Nacionalista Asturiana, light (sky) blue with ondulated lines dark yellow fimbriated white.

Jaume Ollé, 12 Apr 2000

Asturian League

Lliga Asturiana

[Asturian League (Asturias, Spain)]
image by Xon de la Campa Valdés and Santiago Dotor, 25 Feb 2003

During the mid 1990's a less radical nationalistic movement, formed by disillusioned militants from most of the above-mention nationalist parties, founded the Lliga Asturiana (Asturian League) with similar electoral outcome but one interesting party flag.

Xon de la Campa Valdés, 25 Feb 2003

"Simple" Asturian Nationalist Flag

[Simple Asturian Nationalist Flag (Asturias, Spain)]
image by Xon de la Campa Valdés and Santiago Dotor, 25 Feb 2003

Another flag, recently made popular by Asturian Nationalists at various rallies and protests, is the so-called "simple flag" which consists of a plain golden cross on a blue field.

Xon de la Campa Valdés, 25 Feb 2003

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