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Oxfordshire (United Kingdom)

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[Flag of Oxfordshire County Council] located by Dirk Schoenberger

Source: Newton/Newton Flags

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Description of the County Flag

On a dark blue field, two wavy white lines from upper hoist to lower fly. In the lower hoist a cluster of six gold oak(?) leaves, and in the upper fly, a cluster of 3 gold wheat stalks.

As far as I am aware, this is a banner of the arms and is seen at the HQ of Oxfordshire County Council flying alongside the Union Flag.
Michael Carchrie Campbell, 11 February 2005

Whilst in Oxford on 05 February 2005, I noticed that County Hall, New Road, Oxford (the aforementioned headquarters of Oxfordshire County Council), was indeed flying the flags as described in Michael's email. However, there is no fringe on the banner of arms. Further, County Hall, Oxford usually only flies flags on so- called "Red Letter Days"; it does not make a practice of flying a flag every day and moreover, the other flagpole often flies the European Union flag, instead of the Union Flag or sometimes, the flag of Saint George (Queen's Jubilee 2002). Given the special national nature of the day (anniversary of The Queen's accession to the throne), it can only be assumed that the county council - along with many colleges of the university and even churches of the Church of England situated in the city - were choosing to fly the Union Flag.

The banner of arms flown at County Hall, Oxford is of the same proportion as the Union Flag, which makes it slightly unusual locally, as those of the individual colleges of the university, when they fly their banners of arms, are of different proportions to each other.
Colin Dobson, 13 February 2005

County Hall has been flying both the Union Flag and the County's Banner every day since I got here in September (2004).
Michael Carchrie Campbell, 18 February 2005

Variant with ox head

[Flag of Oxfordshire County Council] image located on eBay by Martin Brodetsky, 14 February 2008

On eBay was posted the same flag but incorporating a red ox head in the centre. I've no idea if this is an unofficial embellishment or if it's a variant. Using the oxhead gives the flag a more local identity, and gives it some sort of relationship with the city crest (and those of Oxford United and Oxford City FC).
Martin Brodetsky, 14 February 2008

Flag with Seal - Oxfordshire County Cricket Club?

[Flag of Oxfordshire County Council] located by Dirk Schoenberger

Source: Newton/Newton Flags

Newton Newton flags shows a second flag also labeled "Oxfordshire CC". This appears to be a dark green field with a circular coat of arms in white on it.

This flag is a stylised version of its Coat of Arms contained within the capital letter 'O' for Oxfordshire - in white on a dark green flag. However, I have never seen this flag actually on display anywhere in the county, although this of course, does not mean that it does not exist.
Colin Dobson, 13 February 2005

Dark-green and white are the colors of the Oxfordshire County Cricket Club, and this is probably their flag.
J Andrew Lipscomb, 19 June 2008


Oxford itself used a banner of the arms (a red bull on white over wavy blue line - canting on the city name).
James Dignan, 11 February 2005

The situation with the city council, which occupies Oxford Town Hall, (opened 1897, when Oxford was a town and not a city, thus Town Hall) is somewhat different. They have two flags, the first of which it has used for many years and is a banner of arms. It is (please forgive my lack of knowledge of the correct heraldic terms) as James describes, (his memory is very good), except some parts of the oxen (Oxenford, Oxford) particularly its hooves, are coloured yellow, I believe also the tip of his tail, but I will verify this and get a photograph. The second is of the same dimensions, but is a sort of stylised version of the banner of arms in blue and white, akin to the logo of the city council, which can be seen at their web site at the top left. Both of these flags are only ever flown from the flagpole above the main entrance to the Town Hall, the former on occasions of civic importance such as Mayor Making, although being a city, that ceremony involves a Lord Mayor, the ceremony itself dating from the item when Oxford was a town (with a Mayor) and not a city with a Lord Mayor.

Less than 100 metres away, on the corner of a strategic crossroads in the centre of the city, there is another flagpole, above a shop, so it looks as if it belongs to them. In fact, it actually belongs to the city council, and is accessed via the Town Hall roof . This flagpole ordinarily flies the Union Flag, except for a brief interlude circa 1983, when it flew a 'CND' flag. On the diagonal opposite corner, is Carfax Tower, which is the former tower of St Martin's Church, this church having been demolished early in the 20th century, to make way for so-called road improvements. This tower also belongs to the city council and also has a flagpole. You can see a Quick Time movie view from the top of this tower and an overview of the whole area generally here. Fortunately for them, they can thus use these facilities to fly a myriad of flags all at the same time, relating to partisan political causes and also the United Nations flag on United Nations Day, for example. A perfect political compromise, but which is the point of honour?
Colin Dobson, 13 February 2005

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