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House flags of British shipping companies (2)

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[Cenargo houseflag]
by Jorge Candeias, 10 Feb 1999

Blue, a golden logo shifted to the hoist, in the shape of what can perhaps be described as a “3-pointed star of hooks”.
Jorge Candeias, 10 Feb 1999

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Chapman and Wilson, Ltd

[Chapman and Willan. Ltd houseflag] by Ivan Sache, 29 February 2004

Flag divided per saltire white-red.
Ivan Sache, 29 February 2004

Charlton Steam Shipping Co.

[Charlton Steam Shipping Co. houseflag] by Ivan Sache, 29 February 2004

A.k.a. Chandris
Al Fisher, 27 Jan 1999

Blue flag with white horizontal mergins and a white X in the middle.
Ivan Sache, 29 February 2004

China Navigation Company, Ltd.

[China Navigation Company, Ltd. houseflag] by James Dignan

Based on Sampson (1957)
James Dignan, 12 October 2003

China Navigation Company, Ltd. (John Swire & Sons, Ltd., Managers), Hong Kong - China Coast and South East Asia.
Houseflag: red and white quartered diagonally, with vertical blue band.
Jarig Bakker, 13 October 2003

China Navigation Co.ld., London: Larousse Commercial Illustré (1930) shows white, a blue vertical stripe in the middle, one seventh of flag length (say), red triangles to the left and right of it, the apexes touching the stripe. This may sound odd, and indeed Sampson (1957) shows a flag (see above) really quartered per saltire and the stripe hiding the point where the triangles cross. Also under `Swire Group' (Hong Kong). A company history can be found at this site. All other flag pictures I've found confirm the saltire quartering - I dare say Sandy Hook (illustrator for Larousse) was not very precise in his drawing.
Jan Mertens, 4 June 2004

The City Line

[The City Line houseflag] by James Dignan

Based on Sampson (1957)
James Dignan, 12 October 2003

The houseflag of the City Line is flown with a blue pennant with JRE in white over a red flag with SS in White (all ships were name city of ***).
Jarig Bakker, 12 October 2003

Originally named George Smith & Sons. From
- commenced ship-owning in 1840 and traded to India with sailing vessels. By 1852 voyages were being made to Valparaiso and the West Indies, Australia and New Zealand and later between India, New York and the UK. In 1901 the company was sold to J. R. Ellerman and became Ellerman's City Line.
Phil Nelson, 12 October 2003

Clan Line Steamers

[Clan Line steamer houseflag]
by David Oakden

I have made the above house flag by actually photographing the inner of a real flag and inserting the red outer. Clan Line Steamers were a large UK firm.

David Oakden, 16 March 2003

Larousse Commercial Illustré (1930) shows Clan Line, London: red, a white diamond with a red lion rampant. The diamond's points are about one fifth of flag height away from the flag's edges. The illustration here shows a smaller diamond.
Evans (1959) in 'The Observer's Book of Flags' mentions on p. 188 the "*Clan Line*, whose ships also wear Jacks displaying the respective tartans after which they have been named". Compare, however, with G.H. Watt's comments under 'British and Commonwealth Shipping Co., Ltd.' In any case both agree on a very large diamond, Evans by showing one and Watt in his comments. A similar version here:
Jan Mertens, 28 May 2004

Clyde-Mallory Lines

[Clyde-Mallory Lines houseflag] by Ivan Sache, 29 February 2004

Very broad trapezoidal white flag with blue horizontal margins and a red star in the middle.
Ivan Sache
, 29 February 2004

Clyde Shipping Company

[Clyde Shipping Company houseflag] by Jarig Bakker

A blue pennon with a lighthouse to hoist and the letters CSC in one line to fly. The lighthouse and letters appear to be white.
James Dignan, 15 October 2003

Coast Lines

Based in London, ran UK-Ireland ferries and London - Falmouth, Liverpool, and numerous other coastal services.
Jarig Bakker, 11 October 2003

[Coast Lines houseflag] by James Dignan

Based on Sampson (1957)
James Dignan, 11 October 2003

[Coast Lines houseflag] by Jarig Bakker

In "All about Ships and Shipping", 1959 is another flag: blue, white, red, white and blue horizontal stripes (International "C" flag), with CL in Blue.
Jarig Bakker, 11 October 2003

Colonial Sugar and Refining Co. Ltd.

[Colonial Sugar and Refining Co. houseflag] by Phil Nelson, 6 April 2000

from Stewart and Styring's Flags, Funnels and Hull Colors 1963

Contship Containerlines

[Contship Containerlines houseflag] by Jorge Candeias, 10 January 1998

I'm happy to confirm that the rectangle or company logo on that page is indeed a flag, as I saw it flying in front of the firm's Antwerp branch yesterday. Of course, a real maritime sighting would have been the real thing.
Jan Mertens, 19 December 2003

Thomas Coppack & Co.

[Thomas Coppack & Co.] by Joe McMillan

Thomas Coppack & Co.
Flag: Company initials in white on blue.
Source: Lloyds 1912
Joe McMillan
, 20 September 2001

This was a British family firm located in Connah's Quay in Wales originated by Captain John Coppack in 1860 and lasting until the early 1970s. Between 1910 and 1926 it went under the name of Thomas Coppack & Co. using the flag shown.
Neale Rosanoski, 1 February 2004

Counties Ship Management Co.

[Counties Ship Management Co. houseflag] by James Dignan

Based on Sampson (1957)
James Dignan, 8 October 2003

Stewart & Styring (1963) lists a Counties Ship Management Co. Ltd. and London and Overseas Freighters Ltd. from London UK, but shows a different flag.

It's a little difficult to follow the history of the company, but Counties Ship Management was originally Rethymnis and Kulukundis, which set up different companies to manage each ship they owned - these each named after an English county.   Three companies merged in 1937, apparently Rethymnis and Kulukundis Limited (London) being the primary concern. By 1950 it became the largest tramp steamer company in London. Its affiliated company London and Overseas Freighters Ltd. was started as a "tramp tanker" company by Rethymnis and Kulukundis. Counties Ship Management appears to have gone out of business in 1968 and London and Overseas sold the last of its tankers in 1997 (actually the company being purchased by Frontline Ltd. a Swedish company flying under the Bermuda flag).
Phil Nelson, 9 October 2003

Brown 622: Counties Ship Management Co., Ltd., London
Funnel: Yellow with a red C surrounded by a red circle, over this a black top.
Flag: Triangular 2:3; white with a red border, in its center a red C surrounded by a red circle. (The C in Brown's is about one-fourth of the flag in height; the circle is
pictured as a line, slightly thinner than the letter, and both considerably thinner than the border. C for County?)
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 20 October 2003

Cork Steamship Co.

[Currie Line houseflag] by Rob Raeside

For details, see British & Continental S.S. Co. entry.

Currie Line

[Currie Line houseflag] by James Dignan

Based on Sampson (1957)
James Dignan, 11 October 2003

Founded 1913 by the merger of three Liverpool companies. A subsidiary of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Group from 1917 to 1930. After becoming an independent company again in 1930, it purchased stock in several shipping companies before going into a decline (Belfast Steamship Co. Ltd., Burns & Laird, British & Irish). British & Irish was purchased by the Irish Government in 1965 and the remainder of the company was purchased in 1971 by (P&O). Purchased by the Anchor Line (Leith, UK) in 1969.
Based in Leith, Scotland
Jarig Bakker and Phil Nelson, 11 October 2003