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House flags of British shipping companies (5)

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Houlder Line Ltd

[Houlder Line Ltd houseflag] by Ivan Sache, 6 March 2004

This company was known as Houlder Brothers & Co. in the 1950's.
James Dignan, 8 October 2003

Houlder Brothers & Co.Ltd. posted as insolvent on 19 May 2004 (The Times).
Ron Lahav, 20 May 2004

Houston Line (London) Ltd.

[Houston Line (London) Ltd. houseflag] by James Dignan

Based on Sampson (1957)
James Dignan, 18 October 2003

The (British & Commonwealth Shipping Co., Ltd.) Clan Line flag is flown at foremast.
Houseflag: Union Jack over red St. George's Cross in White ground with H in Red on White in center. (in addition the Clan Line flag is flown at the fore.) The British & Commonwealth Shipping Co.'s burgee is flown superior to house-flag.
Jarig Bakker
, 18 October 2003

Founded 1880 in Liverpool as RP Houston & Co. Transported frozen meats from Argentina to the UK and in 1885 began passenger service. In 1898 a subsidiary, British & South American Steam Navigation Company. The company was sold to Clan Line in 1918, its South American services resold to the Royal Mail in 1926, and renamed Houston Line in 1932. In 1956 the company, and others, merged to form British & Commonwealth Shipping Company. The company disappeared as an entity by 1970.
Phil Nelson
, 19 October 2003

Houston Line (London) Ltd. Although the company is given as ceasing operations around 1970 the name continued to be used as a shipowner until the beginning of the 1980s so the flag may have continued to be flown until then. The panel of the Union Flag as shown is too small. Here is a photo of an actual flag which is also interesting in that unlike all sources, with only one exception, it shows the arms of the main cross being the same width as the principal cross of the Union Flag panel. Although I would normally give credence to an actual flag the overwhelming support for the main cross being wider makes me wonder.
Neale Rosanoski, 31 May 2004

Hudson Steamship Co.

[Hudson Steamship houseflag] by Ivan Sache, 6 March 2004

[Hudson Steamship Co. houseflag] by Phil Nelson, 11 April 2000

The second image is from Stewart and Styring's Flags, Funnels and Hull Colors 1963. The upper flag could be (and is likely) an earlier version.

Hudson Steamship Co. Originated as John Hudson & Co. [or John Hudson (London) Ltd.] who were involved in the coal trade from 1905, becoming shipowners in 1915 and forming the Hudson Steamship Co. Ltd. in 1920, and the first flag shown by Brown 1926, under the later name, is red with a white "H". By 1929 they are showing the blue flag version which is shown by all sources up until Brown 1982 who notes that it is unlikely to be seen again. The company itself was involved in the continental and coastal colliery trade being originally based in London but then shown as Brighton around the beginning of the 1970s. In the mid 1960s they also seem to have begun trading as John Hudson Fuel & Shipping Ltd. moving from the coal to the oil trade, and it is likely that The Thornhope Shipping Co. Ltd. of 1974 was a subsidiary. However Lloyds state that a Hudson Steamship Co.Ltd. was formed in 1980 and as they were operating (amongst others) The Thornhope Shipping Co. Ltd. they could be either the original company or a successor. The striped  flag may therefore apply to this company, it being impossible to judge because a source is not given. It then appears that these companies were then acquired by the Norwegian company of Mosvold Shipping A/S in 1988 but I cannot trace them by the end of the century.
Neale Rosanoski, 31 May 2004

Huelin Renouf Shipping

[Huelin Renouf Shipping houseflag] by Jorge Candeias, 07 Mar 1999

A red saltire on white with a yellow lozenge overall charged with a black "H".
Jorge Candeias, 07 Mar 1999

Huelin Renouf Shipping. The letter should be blue as shown on the company website.
Neale Rosanoski, 31 May 2004

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Hugh Roberts and Son

[Hugh Roberts and Son houseflag] by Phil Nelson, 11 April 2000

from Stewart and Styring's Flags, Funnels and Hull Colors 1963

Hunting & Son

[Hunting & Son houseflag] by James Dignan

Hunting & Son, Ltd. (Northern Petroleum Tank S.S. Co., Ltd., Field Tank S.S. Co., Ltd., Hunting Steamshiop Co., Ltd.) - houseflag: Red and White horizontal stripes; seven-point blue Star in center.
Sources: All about Ships and Shipping, 1938, 1959; Lloyd's Calendar 1959
Jarig Bakker, 17 October 2003

Indo-China Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.

[Indo-China Co. houseflag] by Ivan Sache, 6 March 2004

Indo-China Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. Based Hong Kong. Flag is a group one of owners Jardine, Matheson & Co. and in 1985 the company changed name to Jardine Ship Management Ltd.
Neale Rosanoski, 31 May 2004

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Red with the letters UIOMSPCo in white across the centre. Between the M and S is a large Manx triskelion (in white?) which is over half the height of the flag.
James Dignan, 18 October 2003

Triskelion is yellow, as are the letters, or: Red, with IOM, Three Legs, SPC (no o) in Yellow.
Jarig Bakker, 18 October 2003

An extensive history is at
Phil Nelson, 19 October 2003

[Indo-China Co. houseflag]

Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. Sources do not agree on what the flag is but whether this means that there have been any changes is unknown. An 1885 source shows white letters but otherwise everyone seems to agree that they and the emblem of Man are yellow. Whether the "o" appears after the "C" seems to be equally split but the most important point is which way the Man emblem is placed. Again sources vary as to whether the kneeling knee faces fly or hoist. The Brown series were firmly in the latter camp until 1978 but since then they have it being to fly. From the only photo of a flag that I have come across, although details are not clear, I suspect that it is [now at least] in line with the Island flag with that knee being towards hoist [see gb~i112b.gif attached] but the format is only a guess. The company's logo shows spurs but whether such small detail is included on the flag is uncertain although the Stewart series indicate that it does. The fleet commodore flies a swallowtailed version.
Neale Rosanoski, 31 May 2004