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Greece: Army unit flags - Part 3

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The website of the Greek Armed Forces shows 66 flags, probably all the unit flags of the Greek Army. By clicking on the link below each flag, you can reach another page with a large image of the flag.

All flags have the same general design: Three horizontal coloured stripes, with a fimbriation between them, an emblem in the middle and a golden fringe.

Ivan Sache, 18 February 2002

I translated the first part of the texts from the website mentioned above, and added some minor comments.
The mottos in the emblems are mostly from ancient times, therefore in various forms of ancient Greek (e.g. from Homer's Ilias). Transliteration of Greek is according to the rules of transliterating ancient Greek into English, i.e., zeta is transliterated "z", eta "ê", theta "th", xi "x", upsilon "u" or "y", phi "ph", chi "ch", psi "ps", omega "ô", all others are straightforward. The modern pronunciation of Greek, however, is different: especially a whole set of vowels and diphthongs (y, ê, ei, oi) are pronounced as "i" (like "invincible"). If the Greek terms would have been only in Modern Greek, I would have preferred a more phonetic transliteration; for this mixture of ancient and modern Greek I prefer the more traditional transliteration. I left off all the diacriticals (accents, spiritus, iota adscriptum).

Marcus Schmöger, 25 February 2002

Higher Military Command of Interior and Islands (Anôterê Stratiôtik ê Dioikêsis tou Esôterikou kai tôn Nêsiôn, ASDEN)

[ASDEN]by Marcus Schmöger

Colours: red-light blue-red with white fimbriation, blue shield.

Description: Bas-relief of of the Lions' Gate of Mykene.
It symbolizes the approximate geographic correspondence of the power of the Mykenians with the area of command of ASDEN, and the unity, in the meaning of co-ordination and collaboration, because of the big number of units in combination with the geographical splitting of the area of command.

Motto: amynesthai peri patrês (to defend the fatherland).
In context: "We had better obey the counsels of Zeus Almighty, who rules over mortals and immortals both. One is the best omen: To fight for home and country." (Homer, Ilias 12, 243)

Marcus Schmöger, after the website of the Greek Armed Forces 25 March 2002

Athens Military Command ( Stratiôtik ê Dioikêsis ton Athênôn, SDA)

[Athens Military Command]by Marcus Schmöger

Colours: light blue-yellow-light blue with white fimbriation, black shield.

Description: Theseus at the age of 16 years raises the huge rock and takes the sword and the golden sandals, that his father had placed there, wishing his son would take them, when he is born, grows up and can move the rock on his own.
It symbolizes the capability of the SDA to take the responsibility and to fulfill successfully its mission using all available means.

Motto: alkê kratos esti megiston (valour is the greatest power) (Homer, Ilias 9, 39). In context: "but valour he gave thee not, wherein is the greatest might".

Marcus Schmöger, after the website of the Greek Armed Forces, 25 March 2002

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