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Emeq Yizrael (Israel)

Mo'atza Ezorit Emeq Yizrael, Regional Council of Jezreel Valley

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[Regional Council of Emeq Jizrael (Israel)]
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Regional Council of Emeq Yizrael (Jezreel Valley) is situated in Jezreel Valley, after which it is named. Est. 1980. Pop. 22,000 in 36 settlements. City hall near Kibbutz Mizra. White flag with black emblem and inscription (I am not so sure about its placement). The municipal emblem has not been published in the official gazette and is thus unofficial. There was a previous Regional Council Jizrael, whose municipal emblem was published in the official gazette (Rashumot), 'Publications Gazette' section (Yalkut HaPirsumim), YP 631, 30 October 1958, now out of use.
Sources: author's own observation, 2 October 2001.
Dov Gutterman, 14 October 2001

In my visit of today I noted also five more variants (light blue with black inscription, torquize, orange, red and purple). It is possible that there are more variants.
Official homepage at <>.
Dov Gutterman, 30 April 2003

Already with 39 communities (15 Kibbutz's, 15 Moshav's, 7 communities and 2 Arab villages). Established by unification of two former Regional Councils (Yizrael and Kishon).
Mrs. Esther Roynik. Regional Council Archives Manager, wrote at <> about the emblem. Here is my translation:
"Until 1980, there were two regional councils in Jezreel Valley.
Regional Council of Kishon, in the western side of the valley, whose jurisdiction include 15 settlements: kibbutz's and moshav's, agricultural expeiments station, two education institutes and the family settlements of Geva'ot Zayyid.
Regional Council of Yizrael, in the eastern side of the valley, whose jurisdiction include 11 settlements: kibbutz's and moshav's and military airbase.
Each regional council had its own emblem.
The emblem of the Regional Council of Yizrael was designed by Avraham Amernat (Tushak), a member of Kibbutz Mizra, who, beyond being in charge of designing many of its kibbutz's events, was considered as the Regional Council's "resident artist" and was recruited for any call (as was told to me by Yisrael Sola Fredkin, later to be mayor of the united Regional Council of Emeq Yizrael).
I couldn't find, in the archive pages, any information on the deed of designing the emblem of Regional Council of Kishon, and I will be happy to get it from anybody who knows or remembers.
In 1980, those two regional councils were united to one - Regional Council of Emeq Yizrael, and the need to design a new emblem was only natural. And indeed, in one of the council's management session's protocol, it was determined that there is a need to adress people to submit proposals for emblem, without drawing any principals on which the new emblem will be based. Money prize of 5,000 INS was offered to the designer of the chosen emblem.
In the archive file on the council emblem, one can find the proposals of Udi Dayan of Nahalal, Yisrael Sivan of Balfouria, David Malik of Kefar Gide'on as well proposals without the author name, including the emblem that was chosen at the end pfthe process. Only after intensive research, it was found that this emblem was designed by the graphic artist Mrs. Ya'el Falk of Moshav Merhavya, later to became an architect.
From the protocol of the management session of 24 November 1980, it is clear that the emblem was approved by the coulcil's management.
The innosence of those days aroise from the fact that no document was signed in order to keep the copyrights, It was found out that as days past by, the emblem was used in many and various variations despite the discontent of Ya'el, the designer. Filling "the leaves" in green, for instance, was against her intention. She wanted that the emblem will be only outlined without any colored areas. She even wrote about it to the council.
In a conversation that I held with the artist, I heard about the motives that were incorporated into the emblem: unification of the two councils, valley, stream, fields, growth and sunrise."
Dov Gutterman, 1 May 2005


[Regional Council of Emeq Jizrael (Israel)]
image by Dov Gutterman

[Regional Council of Emeq Jizrael (Israel)]
image by Dov Gutterman

[Regional Council of Emeq Jizrael (Israel)]
image by Dov Gutterman

[Regional Council of Emeq Jizrael (Israel)]
image by Dov Gutterman

[Regional Council of Emeq Jizrael (Israel)]
image by Dov Gutterman