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Italy - Political Flags (Part 1)

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Anarchic Communists' Federation (Federazione dei Communisti Anarchici)

image by António Martins, 8 July 1999

This is the flag of the Federazione dei Communisti Anarchici (Anarchic Communists' Federation), reported by Dov Gutterman, from: <> .Fairily usual anarchist red over black diagonal, with yellow serif letters "FdCA" parallel to the partition.
António Martins, 8 July 1999

Christian Democratic Centre (CCD - Centro Cristiano Democratico)

image by Marcus Schmöger, 12 July 2002

CCD ("Centro Cristiano Democratico" = Christian Democratic Center <>) - When the DC renamed itself in January 1994 into PPI the right wing of the party (under Pierferdinando Casini) split off as CCD, and joined the election coalition of Berlusconi (then named Polo della libertà e del buon governo). Again for the 1996 and the 2001 elections the CCD joined the respective center-right coalitions led by Berlusconi (together with the CDU). The current leader is Marco Follini.
The logo shows - beside the name and abbreviation of the party - a white sail on blue, the sail containing stripes in the national colours and a blue escutcheon with white cross. The logo at <>. The flag is basically a "banner-of-arms" of the logo. It can be bought at <> for 25000 LIT (about 13 EURO). Fotos of the flag at <>, <2.gif>, <3.gif>, <4.gif> and other photos in this site.
Marcus Schmöger, 7 August 2002

Christian Democracy (La Democrazia Cristiana)

image by Guillermo Tell Aveledo, 12 August 2000

image by Guillermo Tell Aveledo, 12 August 2000

image by Jaume Olle, 27 March 2005

As far as I know the flag that was used was the italian tricolor with the emblem in center .Also I have reported the flag with logo on white background and also in light blue backgorund. Currently exist at least three parties issus from the old La Democrazia Cristiana
Jaume Olle, 15 September 1998

The once-mighty Italian Christian Democrats - An Italian tricolori with the crossed shield symbol of the DC, with the word LIBERTAS in white on the horizontal arm of the red cross above the withe shield. I've found it those two versions at some DC books that I have at home
Guillermo Tell Aveledo, 12 August 2000

The "Democrazia Cristiana" has split into several parts (mainly the PPI, the CCD, the CDU).
Marcus Schmöger, 2 August 2002

Christian Democratic Party (Partito Democratico Cristiano)

image by Marcus Schmöger, 15 July 2002

Logo of PDC ("Partito Democratico Cristiano"). No flag found. PDC belongs to the right-center coalition House of the Liberties (Casa delle Libertà) led by prime minister Berlusconi.
Marcus Schmöger, 15 July 2002

PDC ("Partito Democratico Cristiano" = Christian Democratic Party <>) - The PDC is another small christian-democratic party under the leadership of Clelio Darida. It now seems to be part of the "Casa delle Libertà" (as the logo appears on their website <> ), although it had not taken part in the parliamentary elections in 2001.
I have not found any flag. The logo shows - beside the name of the party - 12 golden stars in a circle and an escutcheon, bordered in the national colours, with the inscription "Difendi la tua libertà" (defend your liberty). The logo at <>.
Marcus Schmöger, 7 August 2002

Christian-Democratic Union and of Center (UDC - Unione Democristiana e di Centro)

image by Marcus Schmöger, 12 July 2002

image by Marcus Schmöger, 7 August 2002

Logo of UDC (Unione Democristiana e di Centro), the coalition of several christian-democratic parties (especially CDU and CCD); no flag found.
Marcus Schmöger, 12 July 2002

UDC ("Unione Democristiana e di Centro" = Christian-Democratic Union and of Center), formerly "Biancofiore" (Whiteflower). Originally founded as "Biancofiore" (Whiteflower), the UDC is a sub-coalition of the "Casa delle Libertà" joining together parties claiming heritage of the old DC ("Democrazia Cristiana" = Christian Democracy). The more left-wing fission products of the DC belong to "L'Ulivo", sub-coalition "Margherita". The UDC (indeed only the CCD and the CDU) currently holds 40 out of 630 seats in the Camera dei Deputati and 29 out of 325 in the Senato. In the European Parliament the CCD and CDU deputies belong to the European People's Party (Christian Democrats).
The logo brings together the symbols of the participating parties: in one version only the symbols of the CCD and the CDU, in another version including the symbols of the DE as well. The first variant of the logo can be found at
<>. The other variant at <>.
Marcus Schmöger, 7 August 2002

Communist and Anti-capitalist List (Lista Comunista e Anticapitalista)

image by Andrea Pollett, 22 April 2009

Lista Comunista e Anticapitalista (Communist and Anti-capitalist List) - The new coalition called Communist and Anti-capitalist List was formed in March 2009, to take part in the forthcoming European elections, in June 2009. It groups together the Partito della Rifondazione Comunista (Communist Refoundation Party), the Partito dei Comunisti Italiani (Party of Italian Communists), Socialismo 2000 (Socialism 2000, a former left faction of the Democratici di Sinistra, i.e. the Left Democrats), and Consumatori Uniti (United Consumers, a small political movement whose primary aim is to defend the consumer rights).
The flag is red, with the logo in central position. The innermost part of the logo features a red flag on white background, bearing a yellow hammer & sickle and a star; the shape of the flag, slanted to the left, recalls the one belonging to the Communist Refoundation Party's logo (but the flag has no staff). It partly overlaps a three-coloured Italian national flag of similar shape and size, whose bottom and right edges are visible, as in the Party of Italian Communists' logo (but the edges are straight, not wavy).
The central part of the logo is surrounded by the words RIFONDAZIONE (above) and COMUNISTI ITALIANI (below), in black capital letters on white background; a red stripe fills the empty space on both sides of the flag.
In the outer part of the logo run the following words, in white capital letters on red background: SOCIALISMO 2000 above; CONSUMATORI UNITI below; SINISTRA EUROPEA ("European Left") on the left; GUE/NGL for Gauche Unitaire Europienne ("European United Left") / Nordic Green Left on the right. The latter is the name of the group in the European Parliament which the elected deputies of the coalition will join.
This pattern is an attempt to blend the logos of the two main parties that form the coalition, i.e. Rifondazione Comunista and Comunisti Italiani; the degree of similarity to Rifondazione Comunista's own logo is greater, likely to underline the larger size of this party, thus its major weight in the coalition.
Andrea Pollett, 22 April 2009

Communist Party (Partito Comunista Italiana)

image by Andrea Pollett, 23 October 2007

I would like to report some changes to the flag of the Italian politcal party named Partito dei Comunisti Italiani (or, in short, Comunisti Italiani).   The new flag has the same size as the old one (i.e. 140 x 100 cm), and has maintained the circular cyan/pale blue logo, whose diameter is approx.80 cm, on a plain red background.
The logo, though, is now surrounded by a thin blue rim (which used to be white). Also the lettering used to be white and is now blue. The name of the party is spelt in a font somewhat similar to Times New Roman, and a further text, PER LA SINISTRA ("for the left wing"), has been added in the upper part of the logo, in Arial (Helvetica) font.   The two overlapping flags inside the logo are now slightly larger than the ones in the old flag.
I first became aware of the new flag on October 20, 2007, on the occasion of a national rally in Rome, but the aforesaid changes in the party's official logo, featured in posters, etc., were already extant since 2005.
Andrea Pollett, 21 and 23 October 2007

Previous Flags

image by Marcus Schmöger, 2 August 2002

The old PCI (Partito Comunista Italiana = Italian Communist Party) underwent several fissions and renamings in the last 11 years. The flag of the old PCI showed the logo on a red field. The logo of the PCI was a white circle with the inscription "P.C.I." (in black) under a red flag (with yellow star, hammer & sickle) partially covering the national flag.
Marcus Schmöger, 2 August 2002

image by Marcus Schmöger and Tomislav Todorovic, 16 September 2007

Yesterday I saw a flag that is unknown to me. The flag was used by the Italian Communist Party in '48. It is a typical communist red flag with a device in the canton composed of the S&H and the initials P.C.I. below, all in gold. Horizontally centered and vertically shifted to the bottom, was the name of the local organization of the party, also in golden capitals. How official was this? And how was the flag of the party itself? The same just with the stuff in the canton?
Jorge Candeias, 20 January 1999

In 1980, during the protests following the Bologna massacre - terrorist bombing at the central train station of the city, which took place on 2nd August that year - the flag of Italian Communist Party was seen among other flags. It had red field, with gold hammer, sickle, star and party name initials in the canton. The photos on which I was seeing it were actually black and white, but the newspaper reports from the protests did mention the red flag, so this is how it looked in reality.
This flag is obviously the predecessor of the one with the logo on the red field, as it became the part of that logo. I have no information when the earlier flag was actually replaced with the later one, but it probably happened in the mid-1980's.
Tomislav Todorovic, 16 September 2007

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- Democras of the Left (Democratici di Sinistra)
- Unitarian Communists (Comunisti Unitari)
- Communist Refoundation Party (Partito della Rifondazione Comunista)

Communist Refoundation Party (Partito della Rifondazione Comunista)

Flag with 2004 logo
image by Marcus Schmöger, 8 June 2004

flag with 2007 logo
image by Andrea Pollett, 27 April 2009

The new version of Italy's Partito della Rifondazione Comunista  (Communist Refoundation Party), whose latest design has a red crescent added to the left side of the previous logo, saying SINISTRA EUROPEA (European left wing) in white capital letters.  The standard size of the flag is 140 x 100 cm.
Andrea Pollett, 3 June 2004

According to the "gadgets" shop of Rifondazione at <>, the old flag is still in existence, the new symbol (and flag) seem to be additional variants, presumably mainly for the European elections. See the photos of the "crescent" flag at <> and <>.
Marcus Schmöger, 8 June 2004

Partito della Rifondazione Comunista (Communist Refoundation Party) use new logo The present version of the logo came into use in November 2007, when it first appeared on the party's posters, leaflets, etc., but some further time may have elapsed before the flag was released.
Compared to the previous pattern, in use since 2004, the following differences can be told:
- the Communist flag is slightly shorter, and so is its staff;
- the word RIFONDAZIONE runs above the flag and the words PARTITO COMUNISTA runs below (in the old logo such positions were reversed);
- the word RIFONDAZIONE is spelt in larger letters than PARTITO COMUNISTA (whereas in the previous logo all lettering was equal in size);
- the coloured stripes (green on the left, red on the right) that fill the blank space on both sides of the flag, are tapered, so to match the size of the letters on either end;
- a black outline no longer marks the boundary between the white part of the logo and the red crescent on the left that reads SINISTRA EUROPEA. However, the black outline that encircles the whole logo has been maintained.
Andrea Pollett, 27 April 2009

Here is a photo of the flag with 2004 logo.
Marcus Schmöger, 1 June 2009

Previous Flag

Still in use
image by Marcus Schmöger, 29 June 2002

There is a photo at <>.
Ole Andersen, 27 September 2000

At the 1st May demonstrations in Munich there are also always political parties and groups from foreign countries including Italy.
Flag of RC (Rifondazione Comunista = Communist Refoundation) - The more radical fraction of the former PCI split off from the PDS to found the RC. The party sometimes supported left-coalition governments, but the cooperation was always difficult. Two groups left the RC consecutively, as they wanted a better cooperation with the government: First (in 1996?) the Comunisti Unitari (Unitarian Communists), that joined DS in 1998; second (1998) the PdCI (Partito dei Comunisti Italiani = Party of Italian Communists), that is still an independent party in the L'Ulivo coalition. The symbol of the RC is a white circle with a red flag with yellow hammer&sickle in the center; at the top the black inscription "PARTITO COMUNISTA", at the bottom "RIFONDAZIONE"; on the left a green, on the right a red panel. The flag is red with the symbol in the center.
- own observations at the 1st May 2001 and 2002 demos in Munich
- website of RC at <>
Marcus Schmöger, 29 June 2002

The minor fraction of the old Communist Party (Partito dei Comunisti Italiani) split off from the PDS (Democratic Party of the Left - Partito Democratico della Sinistra)) and founded a new communist party, the RC (Rifondazione Comunista = Communist Refoundation). In 1999, the RC introduced a new logo, that also appears on the flags (on a red background). Two groups split off from the RC consecutively: The first (in 1995) were the "Comunisti Unitari" (Unitarian Communists) and The second fission of the RC occurred in 1998: another more moderate group founded the PdCI ("Partito dei Comunisti Italiani" = Party of Italian Communists).
Marcus Schmöger, 2 August 2002


image by Marcus Schmöger, 2 August 2002

Due to the divisions of the communist in Italy, the flag have suffered numerous changes and this one is no longer in use.
M.V. Blanes, 27 September 2000

The minor fraction of the old Communist Party (Partito dei Comunisti Italiani) split off from the PDS (Democratic Party of the Left - Partito Democratico della Sinistra)) and founded a new communist party, the RC (Rifondazione Comunista = Communist Refoundation). The first logo showed (on a white circle) a red flag with yellow star, yellow hammer & sickle; at the top in a semi-circle the inscription "PARTITO COMUNISTA", at the bottom a semi-circle in the national colours. The flags showed this logo (in different sizes) in the center of a red field. Although obsolete, these flags have been in widespread use even in 2001.
Marcus Schmöger, 2 August 2002

For other flags used by this party, see PdCI

Critical Left (Sinistra Critica)

image by Andrea Pollett, 22 April 2009

image by Andrea Pollett, 2o March 2010

Originally, Sinistra Critica was an internal faction of the Partito della Rifondazione Comunista (Communist Refoundation Party). When the latter joined the coalition called la Sinistra Arcobaleno (the Rainbow Left), in December 2007, Sinistra Critica broke off, mainly due to disagreement with the foreign policy issues of the new partners.
Sinistra Critica took part to political elections for the first time in April 2008.
The flag measures 140 x 100 cm.  The upper 1/4 is white, the rest of the flag is red. In the white part runs the word "Sinistra" (in blue). In the red part is a small human-shaped star (the party's logo) followed by the word "Critica" (in white); further down is the sickle & hammer symbol (in yellow) encircled in the lower half by a smaller text that reads "ecologista comunista femminista" ("ecologist communist femminist", in white). All the aforesaid elements are rotated by 11 degrees to the left.
At the right end of the flag runs vertically the URL of the party's webpage ("", in dark red). All lettering on the flag is in bold Arial/Helvetica font.
A variant of this flag exists, with purple instead of red (purple being the traditional colour of the feminist movement).
Andrea Pollett, 22 April 2009

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