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Split list of keywords beginning with F

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fiume | società anonima di navigazione marittima adria (shipping company, austria-hungary / fiume) | società anonima di navigazione marittima costiere (shipping company, fiume) | società fiumana de navigazione (shipping company, fiume) |
fédération internationale de sport universitaire / international university sports fed |
confédération européenne de volleyball | confédération africaine de volleyball | fédération internationale de volleyball | south american volleyball confederation |
five-pointed star
stars on u.s. flags | sudbury, ontario (canada) |
five plus five summit
five plus five summit |
five star line
myanmar shipping lines house flags |
turkmenistan |
fivizzano (tuscany, italy) |
dutch houseflags of shipping companies [f] |
fjell, hordaland |
greenland (denmark) | port alice, british columbia (canada) |
sogn og fjordane (norway) |
word "flag" in wollof |
word "flag" in portuguese |
word "flag" in portuguese |
word "flag" in aromanian |
word "flag" in aromanian |
flörsheim am main
flörsheim am main (germany) |
flöthe (germany) |
flügge companies (german shipping company) |
teltow-fläming county (brandenburg, germany) | unofficial flags used in 1990 (saxony-anhalt, germany) |
f. laeisz (german shipping company) |
flaach commune (zürich canton, switzerland) |
word "flag" in frisian (saterland) |
unofficial flags used in 1990 (saxony-anhalt, germany) |
fläsch commune (graubünden/grischun canton, switzerland) |
flag (blue)
dugi rat (municipality, split-dalmatia county, croatia) | madalena municipality (portugal) | russian sport flags | vinave (shipping company, portugal) | vrgorac (town, split-dalmatia county, croatia) |
flag (green)
borisoglebskiy county (yaroslavl region, russia) |
flag (red)
arequipa region (peru) | armenian revolutionary federation (lebanon) | baška voda (municipality, split-dalmatia county, croatia) | borisoglebskiy county (yaroslavl region, russia) | city of mallén (aragon, spain) | fighting groups of the working class 1949-1990 (east germany) | portuguese communist party | višnjan (municipality, istria county, croatia) |
flag (wait)
lisbon municipality (portugal) |
flag (white)
bihać (municipality, una-sana canton, bosnia and herzegovina) | municipality of altura (castellón/castelló province, valencian community, spain) | peniche municipality (portugal) |
flag (yellow)
armenian revolutionary federation - armenian socialist party (political party, armenia) | bosanska krupa (municipality, una-sana canton, bosnia and herzegovina) | jelsa (municipality, split-dalmatia county, croatia) | kirovsk county (leningrad region, russia) | lodyeynoye polye county (leningrad region, russia) | vila do conde municipality (portugal) |
flag :cross
elvas municipality (portugal) |
flag area
flag area |
flag art
flags as art |
flag association
vexillological associations and institutions |
flag bearers
flag bearers |
flag change
luxembourg |
flag code
colour and design of the scottish flag | flag code for the manufacture of the scottish flag | united states flag code |
flag color
colors of flags | statistics on flag colors |
flag competitions
participating in flag committees |
flag construction sheet
quebec flag construction sheet |
flag data centre
flag data centre (svi) |
flag dates
flag dates: by country | flag dates: by month | flag dates: by year | flag dates: former countries |
flag day
finland - flag law | flag days - norway | flag days - sweden | liberia | macedonia | russia |
flag days
belgium: flag days | brazil: flag day | flag days of april | flag days of august | flag days of december | flag days of february | flag days of january | flag days of july | flag days of june | flag days of march | flag days of may | flag days of november | flag days of october | flag days of september | flag days of the world | flag days per nation | flag days with variable date | iceland - flag days | in search of flag days | other flag days |
flag design center
flag design center (fdc) |
flag design
honor points on flags | participating in flag committees |
flag emoticons
flag emoticons |
flag etiquette: canada
canadian flag etiquette |
flag families
flag families |
flag flying and customs
flag flying in canada |
flag flying days
denmark - flag flying days | flag flying days (australia) | flag flying days (u.s.) |
flag heritage foundation
flag heritage foundation (fhf) |
flag humor
humor in vexillology | humor in vexillology | you may be a vexillologist |
flag hymn
sweden's flag hymn |
flag information protocol
flag information protocol (fip) |
flag information symbols
fiav flag information symbols | fiav flag information symbols |
flag informatoin code
flag information code: fiav |
flag institute
flag institute (fi) |
flag law
flag laws of guam | macao provisional flag law | united states executive order 10834 |
flag of convenience
gibraltar (united kingdom) | historical flags (gibraltar) | jerusalem civil ensign 1333-1921 (palestine) | jerusalem civil ensign 1333-1921 | malta | specifications and construction sheet (gibraltar, united kingdom) |
flag of earth
james w. cadle’s earth flag |
flag of honour
council of europe |
flag of state
centenary flag (australia) |
flag of the race
flag of the race | history of the gay pride / rainbow flag |
flag officer afloat
portugal - obsolete rank flags of the portuguese navy |
flag officer inspecting
portugal - obsolete rank flags of the portuguese navy |
flag officer
belgium: air force rank flags | belgium: flag officer (land & air) | france: flag officers (army and air force) |
flag on a flag
national olympic committee [noc] (china) |
flag on coin
finnish €10 silver proof coin |
flag on flag
blackseafor | feldkirch, vorarlberg (austria) | finland flag proposals: individuals (page 2) | fußach, vorarlberg (austria) | götzis, vorarlberg (austria) | hard, vorarlberg (austria) | metis nation of alberta (canada) | weiler, vorarlberg (austria) | youth organizations (vietnam) |
flag on flags
unie van redding- en sleepdienst n.v. (shipping company, belgium) |
flag on money
flags on hulun buir banknote (china) |
flag pole: size
pole and mast sizes |
flag pole
flying flags from poles |
flag preservation
flag preservation |
flag proposal
malaya flag proposals 1947-1949 (malaysia) | myanmar: 2007 flag proposals |
flag proposals
icv 21 flag proposals | proposals for the ĺland islands flag |
flag ratios
ratios of flags |
flag reference
fotw vexillological reference |
flag research center
flag research center (frc) |
flag research centre of sri lanka
flag research centre of sri lanka (frcsl) |
flag riot
vienna flag riot, 1798 (austria) |
flag sail
flags on sails |
flag size
flag sizes (comparative) | historical flags 1701-1785 (spain) |
flag society of australia
flags australia |
flag song
alsace (traditional province, france) |
flag stations
united kingdom: army flag stations |
flag statistics
colors of flags |
flag throwing
flag throwing | jette (municipality, region of brussels-capital, belgium) | pepinster (municipality, province of liège, belgium) |
flag tower
flag towers (vietnam) |
flag type statistics
flag types - 2 | flag types |
flag urban legend
flag urban legends (spain) | flag urban legends (u.s.) |
flag use
flag right convention of 1921 | flag use in churches (part i) | flag use in churches (part ii) |
flag variants (unofficial)
chinese flag variants (unofficial) |
flag wear
flag wear |
word "flag" in tatar |
word "flag" in tatar |
flag: defining
defining a flag |
flag: eagle
kostroma region (russia) |
flag: eureka
electrical trades union of australia |
flag: japan
greater japanese aviation youth corps |
flag: maple leaf
ahousaht first nation (canada) | ahousaht first nation (canada) | bigstone cree nation (canada) |
flag: most colors
flag superlatives |
flag: most on display
flag superlatives |
flag: national
bolivia |
flag: new brunswick
rothesay, new brunswick (canada) |
flag: northern territory
northern territory emergency service (australia) |
flag: oldest
flag superlatives |
flag: registration
gijón maritime province (spain) |
flag: smallest representation
flag superlatives |
flag: st. george
monforte municipality (portugal) | village of san Ġwann (malta) |
flag: union jack
ahousaht first nation (canada) | ahousaht first nation (canada) | bigstone cree nation (canada) |
flag: usage
public use of flags |
flag: word
word "flag" in different languages |
flag superlatives |
adoption dates of flags (retired page) | argentine agrarian federation | argentine historical military flags | callao province (peru) | chaiya phum province (thailand) | christian flag | club náutico el arenal yacht club (spain) | county of yetkul’ (chel. region, russia) | democratic front for the liberation of palestine (palestine) | dominican republic | ependes commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) | fasces on flags | fictional flags in movies | flag goof in indiana jones and the last crusade (film) | flag museums | flag sizes (comparative) | flag superlatives | flags and religion | flags at heraldic funerals | flags with different reverses | flying flags from poles | galician nationalist parties (spain) | governmental and military flags of peru | hinduism | international olympic committee / comité international olympique | iquique commune (chile) | laishevskiy county (tataria, russia) | mexico - national symbols in the internet | mokpo, chollanam-do (south korea) | o rei das berlengas | olympics - flag stories about the olympic games | olympics - flags questions | peruvian coat of arms and national emblem | peruvian presidential flag | project «breaking the ice» (antarctica) | ruswil commune (luzern canton, switzerland) | saint-gervais, quebec | senior office rank flags of peru | starship troopers (film) | tarzan, the ape man (film) | tekax, yucatán, mexico | tyumen city (tyumen reg., russia) | vila nova da barquinha municipality (portugal) | whoops! apocalypse | word "flag" in danish | word "flag" in english | word "flag" in tatar | word "flag" in tatar | young socialists in the spd 1945-1961 (social democratic party, germany) |
word "flag" in polish |
flag legislation (germany) |
official flag days (the netherlands) |
word "flag" in frisian (western) | word "flag" in novial |
word "flag" in faroese | word "flag" in icelandic | word "flag" in norwegian (= bokmål) | word "flag" in norwegian (= nynorsk) |
word "flag" in swedish |
'fahne' and 'flagge' (germany) | word "flag" in frisian (western) | word "flag" in german | word "flag" in swabian |
word "flag" in german |
norway - flaggkommandør rank flag |
word "flag" in austro-bavarian |
flagler county
flagler county, florida (u.s.) |
word "flag" in esperanto | word "flag" in ido |
australian political parties | portuguese companies’ flags |
word "flag" in esperanto |
word "flag" in esperanto |
word "flag" in esperanto |
flagpole pennant
pennant (sweden) |
flagpole: largest
flag superlatives |
hiding cell phone towers as flagpoles |
poland: a 2001 flagproposal |
flag rules on sailing ships (germany) |
flags (white)
municipality of tamames (salamanca province, castile and leon, spain) |
flags at sea
international agreements | naval identity at sea |
flags of convenience
flags of convenience |
flags of the world
flags of the world (fotw) |
flags on flags
european free trade association | flags on flags | mokpo, chollanam-do (south korea) |
flags on planes
flags flown on or flown from aircraft |
flags on sails
flags on sails |
flags on stamps
ĺland islands: flag related stamps |
flags: 2 (crossed)
municipality of los realejos (tenerife island, santa cruz de tenerife province, canary islands, spai | municipality of vilajuïga (alt empordà county, girona province, catalonia, spain) | orenburg region (russia) |
flags: 2 (red)
municipality of gozón (asturias, spain) |
flags: 2 (white)
afghanistan 1921-1926 or 1928 | afghanistan 1926 or 1928 - june or september 1928 | afghanistan 1931-1973 | afghanistan 1973 - may 1974 | afghanistan ca.1901-1919 | afghanistan october 1929 - 1931 |
flags: 2
afghanistan 1919-1928 | afghanistan january 1929 - october 1929 | naval- and cavalry-sa command flags (nsdap, germany) | sturmabteilung / sa (nsdap, germany) |
flags: 3 (red)
municipality of puerto seguro (salamanca province, castile and leon, spain) |

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