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floridablanca (santander, colombia) |
floridia (sicily, italy) |
florissant, missouri (u.s.) |
florstadt (germany) |
flosse (gaston)
tahoeraa huiraatira (political party, french polynesia) |
flota mercante del estado
house flags of paraguayan shipping companies |
flotilla admiral
belgium: naval rank flags | commodore's flag (germany) | flotilla admiral's (commodore's) distinguishing pennant for motor boats (germany) |
flotilla commander
paraguayan navy medium rank flags | serbia and montenegro: naval rank flags | socialist yugoslavia: naval rank flags (1956-1991) |
flag for an officer commanding a flotilla or a squadron (germany) | naval rank flags 1960-1990 (east germany) | rank flags of the dominican navy | soviet navy: naval rank flags (1950-1992) |
commodore's flag (germany) | flotilla admiral's (commodore's) distinguishing pennant for motor boats (germany) |
flower (black)
kosovo (province, serbia): flag proposals shown at the kosovo art gallery |
flower (blue-white-red)
île-de-france (region, france) |
flower (blue)
bet arye (israel, judea and samaria/west bank occupied territories) | house flags of vicentine shipping companies | ilinden society (albania) | macedonia: flag proposals | vilyegodskiy county (arkhangelsk reg., russia) | world macedonian congress | yoqne'am illit (israel) |
flower (orange)
flags of constructed languages |
flower (pink)
qiryat ono (israel) | subdivisions of astrakhan region (russia) |
flower (red)
Čelić (municipality, tuzla canton, bosnia and herzegovina) | bertem (municipality, province of flemish brabant, belgium) | borsbeek (municipality, province of antwerp, belgium) | mapfre (spain) | socialist rose emblem |
flower (white)
Šabac (municipality, serbia) | bet arye (israel, judea and samaria/west bank occupied territories) | floreffe (municipality, province of namur, belgium) | haguenau (municipality, bas-rhin, france) | hodoš (municipality, slovenia) | kobarid (municipality, slovenia) | kosovo (province, serbia): flag proposals shown at the kosovo art gallery | mislinja (municipality, slovenia) | ordino parish (andorra) | vranje (municipality, serbia) | vrapčište (municipality, macedonia) |
flower (yellow)
hensies (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) | jasenice (municipality, zadar county, croatia) | lika-senj county (croatia) | rebecq (municipality, province of walloon brabant, belgium) | savyon (israel) | strumica (municipality, macedonia) |
flower blossom: red (7)
minamiboso si [chiba prefecture japan] |
flower mound
flower mound, texas (u.s.) |
flower of the snows
municipality of dílar (granada province, andalusia, spain) |
flower petal
t'ai-nan, taiwan | tokorozawa [saitama prefecture japan] |
flower: 12 petals (white)
surdulica (municipality, serbia) |
flower: 2
verměřovice (czech republic) |
flower: 4 petals (white)
dobrova - polhov gradec (municipality, slovenia) |
flower: 8 petals
viña del mar commune (chile) |
flower: camphor tree
saga (japan) |
flower: carnation (red)
rebels' flag during prince ibrahim era (historical flags, lebanon) |
flower: carnation (white)
kaïssy flag (historical flags, lebanon) |
flower: copihue
chilean communist party |
flower: crocus
north ossetia (russia) |
flower: daffodil
cankova (municipality, slovenia) |
flower: daisy
bondues (municipality, nord, france) |
flower: edelweiss
ilinden society (albania) | macedonia: flag proposals | world macedonian congress |
flower: iris
israel nature preservation society (israel) | jordanian olympic committee (jordan) |
flower: lily
municipality of villamontán de la valduerna (leon province, castile and leon, spain) |
flower: medlar
rebecq (municipality, province of walloon brabant, belgium) |
flower: mountain avens
fort simpson, northwest territories |
flower: petunia
westlock, alberta (canada) |
flower: plum
fukuoka (japan) |
flower: poppy (red)
afghanistan 2002-2004 |
flower: potato
belica (municipality, međimurje county, croatia) | hercegovac (municipality, bjelovar-bilogora county, croatia) |
flower: rape blossoms
chiba (japan) |
flower: rose (red)
metar (israel) |
flower: rose bud (blue)
ibaraki (japan) |
flower: roses
royal canadian mounted police - k division |
flower: snow star (white)
municipality of capileira (granada province, andalusia, spain) |
flower: stylized (blue)
new workers' general federation (israel) |
flower: tea
registro, são paulo state (brazil) |
flower: violet
royal canadian mounted police - j division |
belgium: non-vexillological uses of the national colours | daimyo flags - kuozuke (japan) (1) | ehime (japan) | guatemala - former military regions | historical flags of grenada | holiday flaglets (soviet union) | hong kong | juncos (puerto rico) | kalmykia (russia) | kindrashivka (kharkiv, ukraine) | kolky (rivne, ukraine) | laeva (tartumaa, estonia) | laheda (polvamaa, estonia) | lleida province (catalonia, spain) | malyi myds'k (rivne, ukraine) | margibi county (liberia) | mokrets' (kyiv, ukraine) | northern territory (australia) | paysandú (uruguay) | pidluzhne (rivne, ukraine) | puhivka (kyiv, ukraine) | rejected flag proposals of 1825 (peru) | taroudannt province, morocco | táiběi / t'ai-pei special municipality, taiwan |
flowers (8)
albergaria-a-velha municipality (portugal) |
flowers (red)
montegiardino (san marino) |
flowers (white)
szodliget (pest, hungary) |
flowers (yellow)
berg commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) | lučina (czech republic) |
flowers: 2 (purple)
poljčane (municipality, slovenia) |
flowers: 2 (white)
lopar (municipality, primorje-gorski kotar county, croatia) |
flowers: 2 (yellow)
bégard (municipality, côtes-d'armor, france) | mayotte (france) |
flowers: 2
north cowichan, british columbia (canada) |
flowers: 3 (blue)
goričan (municipality, međimurje county, croatia) | montesson (municipality, yvelines, france) | vilyegodskiy county (arkhangelsk reg., russia) |
flowers: 3 (red)
darda (municipality, osijek-baranja county, croatia) |
flowers: 3 (white)
belica (municipality, međimurje county, croatia) | drnje (municipality, koprivnica-križevci county, croatia) | surzur (municipality, morbihan, france) |
flowers: 3 (yellow)
momignies (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) | neuilly-sur-seine (municipality, hauts-de-seine, france) |
flowers: 3
hambach (municipality, moselle, france) | university of wollongong (australia) |
flowers: 5 (violets)
la palma island (santa cruz de tenerife province, canary islands, spain) |
flowers: 5 (white)
gornji milanovac (municipality, serbia) |
flowers: 5 (yellow)
federation of european carnival cities |
flowers: flame tree
university of wollongong (australia) |
quesnel, british columbia (canada) |
floyd county
charles city, iowa (u.s.) | floyd county, iowa (u.s.) |
flüelen commune (uri canton, switzerland) |
flühli commune (luzern canton, switzerland) |
labrecque, quebec (canada) |
fluer-de-lys (blue): 4
comité d'action francophone pontiac |
zelenogradsk county (kaliningrad region, russia) |
flumenthal commune (solothurn canton, switzerland) |
brazilian football clubs: rio de janeiro |
flums commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) |
fluntern quarter (zürich canton, switzerland) |
flurlingen commune (zürich canton, switzerland) |
flußbach municipality (germany) |
fluvanna county
fluvanna county, virginia (u.s.) |
dutch houseflags of shipping companies [f] |
american samoa |
fly river
western province (papua new guinea) |
fly triangle (blue)
municipality of cercs (catalonia, spain) |
fly: rounded
cardinal cisneros flag during the conquest of oran 1509 (spain) | flags of the spanish infantry in the conquest of tunis 1535 (spain) | flags of the spanish troops in the battle of pavia, 1525 (spain) |
flygvapnet (air force) |
flying lines
flags flown on or flown from aircraft |
flying saucer
dhammakaya foundation (thailand) |
flying spaghetti monster
pastafarians, or the church of the flying spaghetti monster |
mexico - federación mexicana de fútbol |
word "flag" in solresol |
new force (spain) |
portuguese governmental autonomous institutions |
fuhrmann, nissle & günther (german shipping company) |
fnla (angola) |
national mint (spain) |
federation of independent trade unions of russia |
front national pour le salut de la lybie |
foča (municipality, republika srpska, bosnia and herzegovina) |
amt fockbek (germany) |
castel focognano (tuscany, italy) |
focsani (romania, vrancea) |
amt foehr-land (germany) |
h. fölsch & co (german shipping company) |
fouesnant (municipality, finistère, france) |
@barletta-andria-trani province (apulia, italy) - obsolete | celle di san vito (apulia, italy) | foggia (apulia, italy) | foggia province (apulia, italy) | gargano (apulia, italy) | manfredonia (apulia, italy) | monte sant'angelo (apulia, italy) | peschici (apulia, italy) | rocchetta sant'antonio (apulia, italy) | san severo (apulia, italy) | sant'agata di puglia (apulia, italy) |
fogliano redfuglia
fogliano redipuglia (friuli-venezia giulia, italy) |
fogo, newfoundland and labrador |
foiano della chiana
foiano della chiana (tuscany, italy) |
ancient greece |
historical flags (andorra) | montaner (municipality, pyrénées-atlantiques, france) | municipality of torrelles de foix (alt penedès county, barcelona province, catalonia, spain) |
fojnica (municipality, central bosnian canton, bosnia and herzegovina) |
word "flag" in tswana |
word "flag" in southern sotho |
word "flag" in pedi |
brazil: folding the flag | croatia: folding the national flag | folding the u.s. flag | how to fold the portuguese national flag |
folgoso do courel
municipality of folgoso do courel (galicia, spain) |
foligno (umbria, italy) |
flags of political parties (sweden) |
folkušová (slovakia) |
follonica (tuscany, italy) |
folsgare (the netherlands) |
fomalhaut kingdom
return to the stars (book) |
fomeque (cundinamarca, colombia) |
word "flag" in yiddish |
fond du lac county
fond du lac county, wisconsin (u.s.) | fond du lac, wisconsin (u.s.) |
fond du lac
fond du lac, wisconsin (u.s.) |
fondi (latium, italy) |
word "flag" in yiddish |
fonoton, chuuk (micronesia) |
fonseca (la guajira, colombia) |
municipality of font-rubí (alt penedès county, barcelona province, catalonia, spain) |
font commune (fribourg/freiburg canton, switzerland) |
fontaine-l'évêque (municipality, province of hainaut, belgium) |
fontainemelon commune (neuchâtel canton, switzerland) |
fontaines-sur-grandson commune (vaud canton, switzerland) |
fontaines commune (neuchâtel canton, switzerland) |
fontana, california | village of il-fontana (malta) |
municipality of fontanarejo (ciudad real province, castile-la mancha, spain) |
funtana (municipality, istria county, croatia) |
fontanella (lombardy, italy) |
fontanezier commune (vaud canton, switzerland) |
fontenais commune (jura canton, switzerland) |
fonyod (somogy, hungary) |
word "flag" in frisian (saterland) |
foot guards
governor general's foot guards flag (canada) |
mokronog - trebelno (municipality, slovenia) |
football (orange)
fc valencia (spain) |
football (yellow)
royal sporting club of mallorca (spain) |
football association of serbia
serbia: football flags |
football association of slovenia
slovenia: football flags |
football association
football association (england) |
football club
arka-gdynia (poland) football club | lechia gdansk (poland) football club | legia-warsaw (poland) football club | polonia-warsaw (poland) football club |
football confederation
confederation of north, central american and caribbean football |
football federation australia
green and gold australian national flag variant | socceroos flag (australia) |
football league
england - football league |
football.first league
j league (japan) |
football: gold
fc barcelona (spain) | tenerife sporting club (spain) |
"neo-macedonian" flags used in football stadiums | arsenal fc (england) | asian football confederation | association sportive de la jeunesse d'esch (football club, luxembourg) | aston villa fc (england) | belgium: football flags | belgrade (serbia): sport flags | blackburn rovers fc (england) | bologna (emilia-romagna, italy) | bosnia and herzegovina: sports flags | brazilian football clubs: bahia | brazilian football clubs: minas gerais | brazilian football clubs: other states | brazilian football clubs: paraná | brazilian football clubs: pernambuco | brazilian football clubs: rio de janeiro | brazilian football clubs: rio grande do sul | brazilian football clubs: são paulo | brazilian football clubs | canadian football teams | cardiff city fc (wales) | central español fútbol club (uruguay) | chelsea fc (england) | chesterfield town fc (england) | club atlético aguada (uruguay) | club atlético boca juniors (argentina) | club atlético river plate (argentina) | club nacional de football (uruguay) | colombia - sport flags | confédération africaine de football | confederación sudamericana de fútbol | confederation of north, central american and caribbean football | corsica (france, traditional province): sport flags | costa rica - sport flags | croatia: football flags | crystal palace fc (england) | diekirch (municipality, luxembourg) | ecuador - sport flags | england team supporters flags | everton fc (england) | fédération internationale de football associations | fédération internationale de football associations | fc barcelona (spain) | fc valencia (spain) | flags in sports - rugby | football-club nantes-atlantique (france) | football clubs (israel) | football clubs (spain) | football flags (u.s.) | french flags in football world cup 2002 | fulham fc (england) | humurous depictions of the portuguese national flag | hungary - sport flags | ille-et-vilaine (department, france): sport flags | international australian football council | italy - sport flags | jerez football club (spain) | knvb royal dutch football association | leeds united fc (england) | liverpool fc (england) | lokeren (municipality, province of east flanders, belgium) | lorient (municipality, morbihan, france) | manchester city fc (england) | manchester united fc (england) | mechelen (municipality, province of antwerp, belgium) | mexico - federación mexicana de fútbol | mexico - football clubs: club deportivo guadalajara | mexico - football clubs: club deportivo social y cultural cruz azul, a.c. | mexico - football clubs: deportivo toluca futbol club | middlesbrough fc (england) | miskolc (hungary) | montevideo wanderers fútbol club (uruguay) | newcastle united fc (england) | nord (department, france): sport flags | northern ireland football supporters flag | oceania football confederation | pas-de-calais (department, france): sport flags | peñarol club (uruguay) | puerto rico - sport flags | real madrid c.f. (spain) | royal football society (spain) | royal huelva recreation club (spain) | royal spanish football federation (spain) | royal sporting club of mallorca (spain) | sabadel cf football club (spain) | scottish football flags | seine-saint-denis (department, france): sports flags | serbia: football flags | sheffield united fc (england) | slovenia: football flags | socceroos flag (australia) | solomon islands football federation | sporting associations' flags in sweden | stoke city fc (england) | tearce (municipality, macedonia) | tenerife sporting club (spain) | torquay united fc (england) | tottenham hotspur fc (england) | turkey: football clubs | union européenne de football-association | uruguayan sport flags | valenciennes (municipality, nord, france) | vanuatu football federation | venezuela - sport flags | waregem (municipality, province of west flanders, belgium) | watford fc (england) |

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