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stadt eisenach
city of eisenach (thuringia, germany) |
stadt eisenhüttenstadt
city of eisenhüttenstadt (oder-spree county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt eisleben
city of eisleben (mansfelder land county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt erding
city of erding (erding county, bavaria, germany) |
stadt erfurt
city of erfurt (thuringia, germany) |
stadt fürth
city of fürth (mittelfranken district, bavaria, germany) |
stadt falkenberg
city of falkenberg (elbe-elster county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt falkensee
city of falkensee (havelland county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt finsterwalde
city of finsterwalde (elbe-elster county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt forst
city of forst (spree-neiße county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt frankfurt (oder)
city of frankfurt (oder) (brandenburg, germany) |
stadt güsten
city of güsten (bernburg county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt garching
city of garching (munich county, bavaria, germany) |
stadt genthin
city of genthin (jerichower land county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt gransee
city of gransee (oberhavel county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt greifswald
city of greifswald (mecklenburg-west pomerania, germany) | hanseatic city of greifswald (germany) |
stadt großalsleben
city of grossalsleben (bördekreis county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt guben
city of guben (spree-neiße county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt halberstadt
city of halberstadt (halberstadt county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt halle
city of halle (saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt halver
city of halver (märkischer kreis county, north rhine-westphalia, germany) |
stadt heidelberg
city of heidelberg (baden-württemberg, germany) |
stadt heilbronn
city of heilbronn (stuttgart dictrict, baden-württemberg, germany) |
stadt hemer
city of hemer (märkischer kreis county, north rhine-westphalia, germany) |
stadt herzberg
city of herzberg (elbe-elster county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt hettstedt
city of hettstedt (mansfelder land county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt hildesheim
city of hildesheim (germany) |
stadt hof
city of hof (oberfranken district, bavaria, germany) |
stadt hoyerswerda
city of hoyerswerda (saxony, germany) |
stadt ilsenburg
city of ilsenburg (wernigerode county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt ingolstadt
city of ingolstadt (oberbayern district, bavaria, germany) |
stadt jena
city of jena (thuringia, germany) |
stadt jessen
city of jessen (wittenberg county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt jever
city of jever (friesland county, lower saxony, germany) |
stadt kassel
city of kassel (hesse, germany) |
stadt kaufbeuren
city of kaufbeuren (schwaben district, bavaria, germany) |
stadt kempten
city of kempten (schwaben district, bavaria, germany) |
stadt kiel
city of kiel (schleswig-holstein, germany) |
stadt koblenz
city of koblenz (rhineland-palatinate, germany) |
stadt lübben
city of lübben (dahme-spreewald county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt landau
city of landau (rhineland-palatinate, germany) |
stadt landshut
city of landshut (niederbayern district, bavaria, germany) |
stadt leipzig
city of leipzig (saxony, germany) |
stadt ludwigshafen
city of ludwigshafen (rhineland-palatinate, germany) |
stadt müllrose
city of müllrose(oder-spree county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt mainz
city of mainz (germany) |
stadt mannheim
city of mannheim (baden-württemberg, germany) |
stadt menden
city of menden (märkischer kreis county, north rhine-westphalia, germany) |
stadt merseburg
city of merseburg (merseburg-querfurt county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt nauen
city of nauen (havelland county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt naumburg
city of naumburg (burgenlandkreis county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt neumünster
city of neumünster (schleswig-holstein, germany) |
stadt neustadt/weinstrasse
city of neustadt/weinstrasse (rhineland-palatinate, germany) | city of neustadt/weinstrasse (rhineland-palatinate, germany) |
stadt oldenburg
city of oldenburg (lower saxony, germany) |
stadt passau
city of passau (niederbayern district, bavaria, germany) |
stadt plauen
city of plauen (saxony, germany) |
stadt potsdam
city of potsdam (brandenburg, germany) |
stadt pritzwalk
city of pritzwalk (prignitz county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt rathenow
city of rathenow (havelland county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt saarbrücken
city of saarbrücken (saarbrücken county, saar, germany) |
stadt schönebeck
city of schönebeck (schönebeck county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt schweinfurt
city of schweinfurt (unterfranken district, bavaria, germany) |
stadt seelow
city of seelow (märkisch-oderland county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt speyer
city of speyer (rhineland-palatinate, germany) |
stadt staßfurt
city of stassfurt (aschersleben-staßfurt county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt storkow
city of storkow (oder-spree county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt straubing
city of straubing (niederbayern district, bavaria, germany) |
stadt stuttgart
city of stuttgart (stuttgart dictrict, baden-württemberg, germany) |
stadt traunstein
city of traunstein (oberbayern district, bavaria, germany) |
stadt trier
city of trier (rhineland-palatinate, germany) |
stadt uebigau
city of uebigau (elbe-elster county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt weißenfels
city of weissenfels (weißenfels county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt werdohl
city of werdohl (märkischer kreis county, north rhine-westphalia, germany) |
stadt wernigerode
city of wernigerode (wernigerode county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
stadt wilhelmshaven
city of wilhelmshaven (lower saxony, germany) |
stadt wittenberge
city of wittenberge (prignitz county, brandenburg, germany) |
stadt worms
city of worms (rhineland-palatinate, germany) |
stadt wuerzburg
city of würzburg (unterfranken district, bavaria, germany) |
stadt zeitz
city of zeitz (burgenlandkreis county, saxony-anhalt, germany) |
cities and municipalities (germany) | subnational flags (germany) |
stadtallendorf city (germany) |
stadtbezirk charlottenburg-wilmersdorf
charlottenburg-wilmersdorf district (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk charlottenburg
charlottenburg district 1957-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk friedrichshain
friedrichshain district 1993-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk hellersdorf
hellersdorf district 1986-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk hohenschönhausen
hohenschönhausen district 1993-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk köpenick
köpenick district 1992-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk kreuzberg
kreuzberg district 1956-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk lichtenberg
lichtenberg district 1994-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk marzahn
marzahn district 1992-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk mitte
mitte district (berlin, germany) | mitte district 1995-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk prenzlauer berg
prenzlauer berg district 1992-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk reinickendorf
reinickendorf district (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk schöneberg
schöneberg district 1956-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk spandau
spandau district (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk steglitz
steglitz district 1956-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk tempelhof
tempelhof district 1956-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk tiergarten
tiergarten district 1955-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk treptow
treptow district 1993-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk wedding
wedding district 1955-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk weissensee
weissensee district 1992-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk wilmersdorf
wilmersdorf district 1955-2000 (berlin, germany) |
stadtbezirk zehlendorf
zehlendorf district 1956-2000 (berlin, germany) |
associated municipality of obere kyll (germany) |
city of stadtlohn (germany) |
st’at&’imc nation
st'at'imc nation (canada) |
municipality of stäbelow (germany) |
stäfa commune (zürich canton, switzerland) |
staff (brown)
novo virje (municipality, koprivnica-križevci county, croatia) |
staff (gold)
municipality of la victoria de acentejo (tenerife island, santa cruz de tenerife province, canary is |
staff (yellow)
vandœuvre-lès-nancy (municipality, meurthe-et-moselle, france) |
staff of asclepius
fifty-second field ambulance (canada) |
staff of mercury
katrineholm (sweden) | vancouver island (british colony, canada) |
staff: pilgrim's
municipality of cangas (pontevedra province, galicia, spain) |
staff: pilgrim (blue)
rouvroy (municipality, province of luxembourg, belgium) |
pleigne commune (jura canton, switzerland) |
staffelbach commune (aargau canton, switzerland) |
staffelstein county
staffelstein county until 1972 (oberfranken district, bavaria, germany) |
stafford county
stafford county, virginia (u.s.) |
stafford, connecticut (u.s.) |
biddulph, staffordshire (england) | kidsgrove, staffordshire (england) | sedgley, staffordshire (england) | staffordshire (england) | stoke-on-trent, staffordshire (england) | tamworth, staffordshire (england) |
staffs: 2 (brown)
municipality of la matanza de acentejo (tenerife island, santa cruz de tenerife province, canary isl |
stag (white)
municipality of villardeciervos (zamora province, castile and leon, spain) |
stag (yellow)
huelgoat (municipality, finistère, france) |
stag head
hitra, south trøndelag (norway) |
stag skull
oberbüren commune (st. gallen canton, switzerland) |
british shipping companies (s) | city of bad doberan (germany) | comprehensive municipality of bodenteich (germany) | municipality of bockhorn (germany) | vila nova de cerveira municipality (portugal) | vorkuta city (komi, russia) | voss, hordaland |
arroyo grande, california | concord, new hampshire | williams lake, british columbia (canada) |
stags: 2 (red)
municipality of cervera (lleida province, catalonia, spain) |
Štáhlavy, czech republic |
stahlberg municipality (germany) |
der stahlhelm (germany) |
staicele (limbazi, latvia) |
stainless banner
stainless banner (u.s.) |
andean community of nations |
stakes: 3
santo tomé de zabarcos (castile and leon, spain) |
stakliskes (kaunas, lithuania) |
portuguese trade union’s flags |
stalactites (white)
gračac (municipality, zadar county, croatia) |
stalden commune (valais/wallis canton, switzerland) |
staldenried commune (valais/wallis canton, switzerland) |
volgograd region (russia) |
city of eisenhüttenstadt (oder-spree county, brandenburg, germany) |
stalks (golden)
municipality of el fresno (castile and leon, spain) |
stalks: 4 (golden)
municipality of aldeaseca (castile and leon, spain) | municipality of constanzana (castile and leon, spain) |
stalks: 4
municipality of palacios de goda (castile and leon, spain) |
stallikon commune (zürich canton, switzerland) |
stalowa wola
stalowa wola city (poland) | stalowa wola county (poland) |
stamford, connecticut (u.s.) |
stamp: aaland island flag
åland islands: flag related stamps |
commemorative stamps (u.s.) | comoros flag in 1978-1992 | erroneous flag depictions in official stamps of saint vincent and the grenadines | ethiopian flag on postage stamps | flags of romania on stamps | historical flags (u.s.) | post stamps with vexillological images (sweden) | supreme commander (north korea) | variations of the (1975) east timorese flag |
stampa commune (graubünden/grischun canton, switzerland) |
stamping-mill (yellow)
odranci (municipality, slovenia) |
word "flag" in afrikaans |
word "flag" in afrikaans |
france: ceremonial flags of veterans' associations |
standard bearer
belgium: military colours and standards | flying the flag at half mast (from "standard bearer") | young socialists in the spd 1945-1961 (social democratic party, germany) |
standard island
standard island (book) |
standard of the allies
standard of the allies |
brazilian marine corps | brazilian marine corps | brazilian navy | colonial brazilian military units | mexico - discovering and "conquista" (1517-ca. 1566) | mexico - new spain (nov. 20, 1542-sep. 27, 1821) | personal flags of the royal family (thailand) | queen elizabeth ii's personal standard in australia | standard, alberta (canada) | word "flag" in english |
word "flag" in esperanto |
word "flag" in esperanto |
word "flag" in esperanto |
word "flag" in esperanto |
word "flag" in english |
word "flag" in serbian |
sa command flags (nsdap, germany) |
standbridge east
stanbridge east (quebec, canada) |
standenbühl municipality (germany) |
standing rock sioux
standing rock sioux - north dakota & south dakota (u.s.) |
stanin commune (poland) |
stanislaus county
stanislaus county, california (u.s.) |
ivano-frankyivs'k county (ukraine) |
stankovce (slovakia) |
stankovci (municipality, zadar county, croatia) |
staňkovice (czech republic) | staňkovice (czech republic) |
stanly county
albemarle, north carolina (u.s.) | locust, north carolina (u.s.) | stanly county, north carolina (u.s.) |
stanovo (municipality, serbia) |
stans commune (nidwalden half canton, switzerland) |
stansstad commune (nidwalden half canton, switzerland) |
stanton, california (u.s.) |
amt stapelholm (germany) |
staphorst (netherlands) |
star-spangled banner
famous flags: us flags |
star (10)
dominica |
star (3)
republic of howland, baker and jarvis |
star (4)
micronesia | samoa - historical flags |
star (40)
chuuk (micronesia) |
star (5)
samoa |
star (6)
micronesia |
star (8-point)
north china |
star (black)
belgium: naval flags, 1936 | brittany (france): anarchist movements | colombia - diplomatic and consular flag | erroneous flags and ensigns (spain) | kaokab abu al-hija (israel) | mahra sultanate of qishn and socotra (protectorate of south arabia, yemen) | malakula district (vanuatu) | unidentified flags and ensigns (spain) | xekinima - socialist internationalist organization (political organization, greece) |

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