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Leningrad Region (Russia)

Leningradskaa^ oblasth

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[Flag of Leningrad Region]
by António Martins and Michael Simakov, 21 Jan 2000
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Presentation of Leningrad Region

(Note: You need an Unicode-aware software and font to correctely view the cyrillic text on this page. See here transliteration details).

Really, though administrative center of Leningrad region is S. Petersburg old name of region conserve now. It's very curiosly. In future possible unification of Region and S. Petersburg in one subject of Russian Federation (now they're different subjects). By the way, when Leningrad was renamed in Sankt-Petersburg, it not was subject of RSFSR (administrative center of region only).
Andrey Yashlawsky, 19 Jan 1999

Description of the flag

The coat of arms and the flag of Leningrad region were adopted in December 7th 1997. Ratio of the flag is 2:3. There are two shades of blue on the flag: light blue on the coat of arms and (normal) blue on the bottom stripe.
Michael Simakov, 09 Jul 1998 and 11 Jan 2000

It is interesting to note that the field of the coat of arms is said on the law to be «azure» (usually medium blue) and the wavy stripe light blue — however, the image above (based on the one shown at the official website) shows exactely the opposite.
António Martins, 28 Jan 2000

The winner of the contest to develop a new coat of arms and flag for Leningrad Region was V. I. Yevlanov, who was awarded the first prize of ten million rubles (the winner of the simultaneous contest to produce a new anthem was awarded fifteen million). I can't discover anything else about him. The competitions were conducted in the summer of 1997, and were open to all who wished to enter, as individuals or as teams, though corporations — governmental, social, commercial, or whatever else — were not allowed to participate.
John Ayer, 06 Feb 2000

Law about the flag of Leningrad region was adopted by Leningrad Region Legislative Assembly on 9 December 1997. Proportions: 3 (length) : 2 (width). White field = 2/3 of width. On the center of white field is coat of arms of Region. At bottom part is blue wavy line over white wavy line over red wavy line. Coat of arms of Region: on the sky-blue shield is silver anchor crossed by golden key. At upper part of coat of arms is silver wall on red background.
Andrey Yashlawsky, 19 Jan 1999

The image (in 3:4 ratio) was taken from oblast' site and a mistake was possible on it, so we have to use the law text.
Michael Simakov, 11 Jan 2000

Please note that the values given are in old roubles: On Jan 1st 1998 the rouble was devalued 1000 fold, being one new rouble equivalent to 1000 old roubles (it was also equivalent to one US dollar — now it is worth four cents...) All this meaning that the first prize was worth approx. 1000 USD.
António Martins, 19 Feb 2000

Law texts

The third legal document is an announcement of the contest winners, and (mostly) a program for the ceremony of presenting them to the public. A second officially adopts the designs, and a first amends the second. So:

A Law of Leningrad Oblast
On the Arms and Flag of Leningrad Oblast
(adopted by the Legislative Assembly of Leningrad Oblast 9 December 1997 N74-03)

Chapter I. General Propositions

Article 1.

To confirm the coat of arms and flag of Leningrad Oblast - fundamental symbols of state authority, reflecting the social history and legitimacy of Leningrad Oblast as a member of the Russian Federation.

Article 2.

The originals of the coat of arms (colored and black-white variants) and flag of Leningrad Oblast, and their descriptions, shall be preserved in the Russian state historical archives and available for perusal by all interested persons.

Chapter II. Coat of Arms of Leningrad Oblast

Article 3.

The coat of arms of Leningrad Oblast consists of a heraldic shield with a ratio of width to height of 8:9 bearing a representation of a silver anchor crossed with a golden key on an azure (blue) field. In the upper part of the shield a silver embattled wall is depicted against a red field.
(Articles 4-8, governing use of the arms)

Chapter III. Flag of Leningrad Oblast

Article 9.

The flag of Leningrad Oblast is a rectangular bunting with ratio of length of breadth 3:2. In the upper part of the flag is placed a white field occupying 2/3 of the breadth. In the center of the white field is depicted the coat of arms of Leningrad Oblast. The width of the shield on the flag of Leningrad Oblast should be 2/9 of the length of the flag. In the lower part of the flag is a red wavy stripe, and below that a (light) blue wavy stripe, separated by a white stripe placed evenly between them, occupying 1/60 the breadth of the flag. The reverse of the flag is a mirror image of the obverse.

Article 10.

When reproduced, the flag of Leningrad Oblast must conform exactly in colors and graphically to the original and description. It is permitted to produce the flag in various sizes, in various materials, and as a pennant.
(Articles 11-16, governing use of the flag and very similar in substance to examples already submitted.)

Chapter IV. Control and Responsibility for Violation of this Law

Article 17.

Authority over the correctness of production and execution of the coat of arms and flag of Leningrad Oblast subsists in the organs of executive authority of Leningrad Oblast.

Article 18.

Persons guilty of infractions of this act bear responsibility in accordance with existing legislation.

Chapter V. Effective Date of this Law

This law will come into force on the day of its official publication.

Governor V. Gustov,
Sankt-Peterburg, 31 December 1997 N74-03

(The act amending the above act was passed 7 July 1998)

Article 1.

Insert into the oblast law "On the Arms and Flag of Leningrad Oblast" of 31 December 1997 N74-03 the following amendments and additions:

Article 2.

The present act will come into force on the day of its official publication.

Governor of Leningrad Oblast
V. Gustov,
Sankt-Peterburg, 11 August 1998 N 28-03

translated by John Ayer, 28 Jan 2000 and 06 Feb 2000