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House flags of Swedish Shipping Companies (2)

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[Broströms] by Jorge Candeias

[Broströms] by Jarig Bakker
Source: Josef Nüsse

According to "A survey of mercantile houseflags & funnels" by J.L. Loughran (Wolverhampton, 1979) page 48:

"A constant theme in the marks of many of the constituent companies of the Brostrom group of Stockholm, is a pattern of red and blue bands, generally with a company initial in white. An example of this is the houseflag and funnel of Angfartygs A/B Tirfing, formed in 1890, and owners today of giant tankers and bulk carriers. Other companies with similar markings within the group are Brostroms Tender Service A/B, Rederi A/B Motortank, Svenska Orient linien and Angbats A/B Ferm, founded in 1883, and the oldest company in the group. [...] The red stripes are said to represent the metal castings forming the first cargoes of his vessels, and the blue stripes the Gota Alv, down which they began their voyages. A more homely origin of these markings is that Axel Brostrom used the handiest material for his first houseflag, which happened to be an old red and blue striped skirt belonging to his wife. Many houseflags seem to have similar sponteneous beginnings."
Contributed by Mark Sensen, 2000-Nov-21

Broströms is situated in Gothenburg and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1998. Its homepage is at Quoting the homepage: "Broström is one of the leading logistics providers for the oil and chemical industries, focusing on marine transportation."
Elias Granqvist, 2001-Mar-17

Loughran's comments are made in connection with the original flag which is shown under Angfartygs A/B Tirfing (through which company they mainly operated initially). The version shown here by FOTW is presumably taken from the company website logo and there is thus doubt whether it actually existed. In 1998 the company with a take over merger became Broström Van Ommeren Shipping A/B with a new flag shown by Josef Nüsse which places the whole of the website logo including the legend "BROSTRÖM" on a very broad horizontal white band between narrow blue bands top and bottom. Names on houseflags are not normal and usually tend to be for shore advertising purposes so it is not clear whether this flag is actually flown at sea or whether there they use a version without the letters which then equates to the funnel band i.e. blue with a white band bearing the logo less the legend, which has verified by a sighting.
Neale Rosanoski, 5 August 2003

Broströms Tender Service

[Broströms Tender Service] by Mark Sensen
Source: J.L. Loughran: "A survey of mercantile houseflags & funnels", Wolverhampton, 1979.

Broströms Tender Service, Gothenburg
Mark Sensen, 2000-Nov-21

See also Broströms

Carl Norrthon Jr.

[Norrthon] by Phil Nelson
Source: Colin Stewart and John B. Styring: Flags, Funnels and Hull Colours, 1963 [ssy63].

This one looks remarkably similar to the one at, which is Höganäs Rederi AB.
Ole Andersen, 2000-Sep-18

Carl Norrthon operated as Rederi A/B Höganäs hence the "H" on the flag.
Neale Rosanoski, 5 August 2003

Eric Banck

[Eric Banck houseflag] by Jarig Bakker
Source: Brown's Flags and Funnels of British and Foreign Steamship Companies, compiled by F.J.N. Wedge, Glasgow, 1926 [wed26]

Helsingborg - blue flag, yellow diagonal stripe from top hoist to fly bottom; at bottom hoist white "B"; at top fly white 5-pointed star.
Jarig Bakker, 19 January 2005

Eric Bancks Rederi A/B

[Bancks Rederi] by Phil Nelson
Source: Colin Stewart and John B. Styring: Flags, Funnels and Hull Colours, 1963 [ssy63]. has Bancks Rederier, and has Bancks (Erik) Rederier, Helsingborg.
Ole Andersen, 2000-Sep-19

Erik Bancks Rederi A/B. Going by the cap badge the blue letters may be a very dark shade. This flag appears to have been adopted post WW2 replacing one white was blue with a narrow yellow bend (diagonal band from upper hoist to lower fly) with in the upper fly a white star and in the lower hoist a white "B".
Neale Rosanoski, 5 August 2003

Eman. Högberg

[Eman. Högberg] by James Dignan

According to "Flags, Funnels and Hull Colours" (Colin Stewart; Adlard Coles, Ltd; 1953) Eman. Hogberg was Swedish, and affiliated with Stockholms Rederiaktiebolag Svea which flew the same houseflag. Ned Smith, 17 October 2003

This is the flag of Stockholms Rederiaktibolag Svea which, as pointed out by Ned, was associated with Emmanuel Högberg. According to Jordan in 'The World's Merchant Fleets 1939' he was the managers whilst by the mid 1960's the company was being operated by Curt Högberg who was obviously connected with both Högbergs being at the same address in Lloyds. Whilst they may even have become owners the flag itself belongs to Stockholms Rederiaktibolag Svea, going back to pre WW1.
Neale Rosanoski, 6 January 2004