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House flags of Swedish Shipping Companies (7)

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[Sea-Link] by Jorge Candeias

Another dubious flag. If it's a flag, then it would be white with green stripes along the top and bottom and a very dark blue logo centered. The logo is composed of what could be described as three interconnected tildes forming the letters "SL"
Jorge Candeias, 6 March 1999

The flag is confirmed from the Josef Nüsse collection where he domiciles the company as being at Nacka. He also shows another flag in the Sea-Link name domiciled Malmö. From Lloyds I have located Rederi A/B Sealink at Stockholm [1985], then being shown as Sea Link A/B at Nacka (1992) and finally Rederi A/B Sea-Link at Malmö (1996) with all being the same according to Lloyds. Neale Rosanoski, 5 August 2003

Skånska Cement

[Skånska Cement] by Phil Nelson
Source: Colin Stewart and John B. Styring: Flags, Funnels and Hull Colours, 1963 [ssy63].

Skånska Cement was named Cementa 1969-1973 and from 1973 it was called Euroc. Euroc merged with the Norweigan company Aker in 1996, and they got the name Scancem.

Established in 1871, Scancem was first listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1900. In July 1999, the German Heidelberger Zement and the Belgian Cimenteries CBR S.A. acquired 73.4 percent of the share capital and 90.8 percent of the voting rights. In late August, the two companies launched a tender offer to acquire the remaining outstanding shares of Scancem.


Immediately before this purchase in 1999, the major owners where Skanska and Aker RGI. (Skanska, formerly known as Skånska Cementgjuteriet, was originally a daughter company of Skånska Cement, but was made independent in 1887.)

Scancem is situated in Malmo. It doesn't seem as they have any ships of their own at present.
Elias Granqvist, 2000-Sep-22

[Skånska Cement ] by Jarig Bakker

Lloyds was still showing the company operating as Cementa A/B in 2000. According to Lloyds the company was formed in 1924 as Skånska Cement A/B but this appears to relate to the shipping division which they have changing name to Cementa A/B in 1947 but as they were still showing the ships under the original name until about 1970 it seems this date is incorrect. Thereafter they make no mention of any of the other changes and possibly it was a case of the shipping division continuing to operate unchanged. The other company noted as their subsidiary, Skånska Cementgjuteriet, was shown separately from c.1970 to c.1996 changing name towards the end 1st to Skånska A/B and then to Skånska Dredging A/B makes no mention of . According to the flag cap badge shown in Collectors Corner the "C" was placed towards the hoist with Stewart and US Navy showing it centered. Collectors Corner badges show a change to a white flag bearing a blue design [see C219 attached] which is supported by Brown 1982 although the latter shows the same thickness throughout for the emblem.
Neale Rosanoski, 5 August 2003

Stena Line

[Stena line] by Jorge Candeias and Jarig Bakker

[Sveriges Oljekonsumenters Riksförbund] by Jarig Bakker

[Sveriges Oljekonsumenters Riksförbund] by Jarig Bakker

The flag is confirmed by the Josef Nüsse collection with the blue and white bands being the same width. However there are various other flags ascribed to Stena. Haws in his book on British Railway steamers and their eventual takeover in 1990 by Stena to become Stena Line Ltd., shows the Stena flag as white with a very broad red horizontal band bearing a white "S" but this version seems suspect with Brown 1995 showing a small emblem above the bottom end of the "S" which is the bow view of a ship over a wavy white line and this is supported by the Josef Nüsse site flag. Brown 1982 however, whilst showing the ship does not show a wavy line. Then the Collectors Corner cap badge site shows a red flag bordered white having the emblem and wavy line but coloured yellow with the "S" still white. Which or whether of these are correct or were used at some stage is not known by myself.
Neale Rosanoski, 5 August 2003


[Sundbusserne houseflag] by António Martins


[Sundebus HH land-based houseflag] by António Martins

The small ferry that took us to and fro [between Helsingborg in Sweden and Helsingør in Denmark, in August '98] belonged to Sundebus HH, and it's houseflag is a 2:3 blue over red per bend with an white uppercase sans serif "M".

Why an "M", I don't know but I can only speculate that this particular houseflag once bellonged to a company called "M"-something which was renamed or bought or merged to Sundebus HH.

This may imply that house flags are somehow fixed for sea usage and it is not that easy to change them, like company logos and such (like logo flags for land use). This idea of mine (that might add some weight to the notion that house flags are not that irrelevant) is reforced by the fact that this very same company Sundebus HH uses in land (poles by the company peer, ticket office etc.) a completely different flag, consisting of a red upper case serif "S" (for Sundebus), on a red bordered white square canton of a 3:2 (and not 2:3!) white and green wavy background.
António Martins, 21 October 1999

Sundbusserne, with HH not part of the company name, rather representing the two cities the ferries are running between, Helsingør and Helsingborg, is no longer running Norwegian colours. They flaged over to the Swedish ship registry and they are running Swedish flag since September 2001. The Sundbusserne are however still a daughter company of the shipowning company A/S Moltzaus Tankrederi in Oslo. (Hence the M in the houseflag - M for Moltzau). Moltzaus no longer have any other ships than Sundbusserne.

At the Sundbusserne home page [] you can find the Sundbusserne logo that seems to be the model of the speculated secondary houseflag of Sundbusserne. As far as I know, it is no houseflag, only a company logo.
Morten Øen, 20 December 2001

See the former page on Sundbusserne regarding its earlier use of national flags.

The parent company, is/was Moltzau & Christensen of Oslo who operated tankers as Moltzau's Tankrederi A/S from 1930. It seems that in the mid 1960s they started operating ferries having a 1st name of "Sundbuss" through a subsidiary A/S Rendal. In the 1970s, no longer being involved with tankers, the ferries were eventually placed in the name of A/S Moltaus Tankrederi hence the oddity of the name compared with the trade. Around 1990 Sundbusserne A/S was set up at Helsingør, Denmark to act as managers and by the web address it seems they are still located there even though the vessels have changed registry. Unfortunately they no longer show in my Lloyds shipowning groups so the current update of their activities was helpful.
Neale Rosanoski, 5 August 2003

Svenska Amerika Linien

[Svenska Amerika Linien] by James Dignan and Jan Oskar Engene

Swedish American Line; houseflag: White with three Gold Crowns on Blue Disc.
Jarig Bakker, 18 October 2003

Founded 1914. During World War II, two of its ships were used to repatriate POWs to their homelands. The company was dissolved in 1975. Phil Nelson, 19 October 2003