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Velike Lasce (Municipality, Slovenia)

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[Flag of Velike Lasce]by Zeljko Heimer

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Presentation of the municipality

The municipality of Velike Lasce was formed in 1995 from parts of the community of Vic-Rudnik, one of five communities that made the Civic Assembly of the Communities of Ljubljana until then.

Zeljko Heimer, 23 January 2002

Description of the flag

The flag and arms of Velike Lasce are prescribed by decision Odlok o istovetnostnih simbolih Obcine Velike Lasce, adopted on 19 April 2000 and published in the official Slovene gazette Uradni list Republike Slovenije, 45/2000.

 The symbols were designed by Valt Jurecic of Heraldika d.o.o. and Heraldica Slovenica, who kindly provided drawings from which the images shown on this page were made.

The adoption process of the flag is described on the municipal website. Relevant extracts of the text follow.

"On 5 January 2000 the Mayor of the municipality of Velike Lasce Anton Zakrajcek established the commission for visual identity of the municipality composed of: mag. Tatjana Devjak, vice-mayor; Matjaz Gruden, councillor; Vinko Gruden, councillor; Martina Venturini, graphical art teacher; Miro Skrlj, graphical art specialist; a,d Anton Zakrajcek, mayor

The first task of the commission was the production of the municipal flag. Valt Jurecic, the chairman of the Heraldika company, was appointed as professional advisor. The members of the commission decided to adopt a new coat of arms in the same time as well. Namely, the coat of arms used until then did not comply to the heraldical rules and tradition. The commission learned the basics of heraldry and the complexity of its task, to design the identity symbols of the municipality.

In the municipal magazine Trobla (Trumpet), a contest was opened for the collection of the ideas for attributes that would be included in the new coat of arms and flag. Through the committed work of Miro Skrlj and with much help of Heraldika, we came with the final proposal and the new coat of arms and flag were adopted on 19 April 2000 on the session of the Municipal Council. Both new symbols were for the first time publicly used on the ceremonial session on the municipal holiday on 10 June 2000, when the 450th anniverary of the publication of the first Slovenian book was celebrated.

The flag is blue and white in ratio 1:2,5. The flag field is blue with two vertically white stripes, the first covering the second sixth of the flag field and the second covering the fifth sixth. The middle square field is adorned with the main attribute from the coat of arms, the white open undefaced book between two goose feathers and inkpots. The width of the whole attribute should not be less the 70% of the blue field and it should not be bigger than 80% of it."

Zeljko Heimer, 17 October 2002

Coat of arms

[Coat of arms of Velike Lasce]by Zeljko Heimer

The coat of arms of Velike Lasce is:

Per fess embatteled fimbriated or, in chief azure a book argent binded gules between two ink bottles of the third with ink of the second with as many feathers proper, and in base vert a tur oxen of the first.

Still from the municipal website:

The coat of arms should be artistically finalized, or to put it in other words, it should be attractive, nice, such that it would be sympathetically accepted by the citizens. The region and the municipality of Velike Lasce are rich with topics, among which the choice of the attributes might be made. Slovenian heraldry provides primarly three topics for the base of the identity symbols: history and symbolic tradition, culture and nature. Actually the commission reduced them to two, culture and history.

While pondering the cultural heritage, we stopped at local Slovenian artists that made the Slovenian conscience and word. Trubar, Levstik and Stritar are among the most important Slovenian writters. Primarly as a tribute to Trubar, a lexicographer considered as the "father of the Slovenian word", we decided to choose and oped undefaced book, although the works of Levstik and Stritar might have been easily pictured with some other symbols or their heroes. For instance, Levstik's hero Martin Krpan is used in the municipal symbols of Pivka. For the book it is known that, more or less it may be represented only in white. For artistical reasons the background was then chosen to be blue. The list of the culturlly important people is, of course, much bigger, but the heraldry would not allow us represent all.

Therefore, due to artistical and heraldical reasons, we kept only two symbols of writing, the feather and the inkpot, instead of three, since there was no more place on the shield for a third one. The book and two goose feathers represent the totality of the cultural heritage and traditional national consciousness of the local citizens. Both are given in colours that are allowed by heraldical rules.

The shield of the proposal for the coat of arms is partitioned per fess, i.e. horizontally divided in two fields. The division line is embatteled with silver line. An embatteled division is in the shape of masonry of medieval and antique defensive architecture. Of course, it was the time when the battles were fought with bows and spears. This should remind o the historical architecture of the municipality, primarly the most well-known Turjaski dvor.

In the lower field we decided to set an oxen of an ancient cattle spieces called tur. It is the symbol of the famous Krain noble family of Aursperg. The tur oxen gave its name to the Tur family who ownedr the Turjaski grad. Among many possible colour combinations, we eventually selected the golden (yellow) oxen with black horns, hoofs and tailpoint, on a green field.

After the opinion of the profession as well as the municipal commission, this proposal was considered as adequally representing the municipality and their citizens by its heraldical composition, by the artistical expression, by the colour expression, by the general symbolic of the communal history and presence, and by the overall expression.

Zeljko Heimer, 17 October 2002

Vertical flag

[Vertical flag]by Zeljko Heimer

Former coat of arms

The former coat of arms of Velike Lasce was prescribed in the municipal statutes Statut Obcine Velike Laske, adopted on 26 April 1995 and published in the official Slovene gazette Uradni list Republike Slovenije, 34/1995, as follows:

" "composed of a shield with a crown with five columns and four open spaces. Beneath is the Slovenian tricolour above which is rising a silver Pegasus."

Zeljko Heimer, 17 October 2002