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Venezuela - Presidential Flag

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Pre-2006 Presidential Army Ensign
image by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 15 November 2002

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Presidential Flag

It does not have to be considered as "Presidential Flag" since that in the Venezuelan vexillological tradition never existed a piece of this nature: in this case it can be the "Command Pennant" that was gotten to use during 1970 on certain specific circumstances for indicate the presence of the President in some military installations, more likely naval. Between 1970 and 1997, the mentioned Command Pennant was red with the Coat of Arms of Venezuela on the center without additional stars and at the moment, the red color has been replaced by the yellow  maintaining the National CoA on the center. In the case of the Venezuelan Navy, the Presidential Flag on Sea is blue with the National Coat of Arms on the center accompanied by four white stars: one in each canton.
Raul Orta, 14 November 2002

Presidential Flag on Sea

image by }eljko Heimer, 20 August 2003

Presidente de la República / President of the Republic - According to the Naval Ceremonial and Protocol Regulations number MAN-EC-CGA-0001-B effective since July 1st, 1997. See image here.
Raul Orta, 18 May 2002

Navy presidential ensign. The blue I used in this flag is after the National flag.
Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 15 November 2002

In the image sent by Raul, this flag appear as 2:3. The star are slighty more far from the the corners and slighty greater.
Jaume Olle', 17 November 2002

According to Album 2000 Corr 3 [pay03] - President of the Republic (2:3) - Blue flag with the coat of arms in the middle and four white five-pointed stars, one in each corner. This is the flag used in the Navy (on ships) to indicate presence of
the President on a naval ship. It was apparently introduced only in 1997. Before that it seems that there was no flag specifically prescribed for that purpose, at last I am not aware (or was it the square national with four stars "Command Banderoles" used on the naval ships, as suggested by Armand?).
}eljko Heimer, 20 August 2003

Flag at Original Album 2000

image by }eljko Heimer, 26 August 2003

In the original Album 2000 [pay00]: President of the Republic (2:3) - The tricolour with the Coat of Arms in the middle and four white five-pointed stars, one in each corner. I am not sure if this is only a misinterpretation of the "Command Banderoles" or if it is an intermediate or early design used by the Navy to indicate presence of the President. Do we have any earlier naval regulations before 1997 (do we know even if they existed?).
}eljko Heimer, 26 August 2003

Presidential Car Flag

image by }eljko Heimer, 20 August 2003

Here's a flag I spotted, on the President's car on the today's Independance Day parade. It is a plain yellow field with a Venezuelan Coat of Arms on the centre. The cameraman focused on it quite a few minutes . Quite a clear TV image, though.
Guillermo T. Aveledo, 25 June 2000

I have received (22 January1999) from Michel Lupant, a "banderola de mando del presidente de la Republica", very similar to this one except that it is on a red field ; It looks like an official
document "para uso en los buques de guerra y dependencias navales" (for use in the warships and naval dependancies). On the same document the so called "insignia del presidente", triband with one white star at each corner and the CoA in full colours in the middle of the blue band, which I presume  from other flagbooks is used when the president is on board a naval unit
Armand du Payrat, 6 July 2000

According to Album 2000 Corr 3 [pay03] - President of the Republic - Car Flag (2:3) - Yellow flag with the coat of arms in the middle. We here two variations, 1:1 (on top) and 2:3, but it is unclear what the differences are. It seems to me that the square flag is either misreported, or it is used as kind of a military colours or standard. If I understand correctly, this yellow flag replaced in 1997 a similar red flag used since 1970. Before that (e.g. Flaggenbuch 1939) the national flag was used by the president too.
}eljko Heimer, 20 August 2003

Presidential Sash

image by Francisco Gregoric, Eugene Ipavec, and Pascal Gross, 17 January 2010

The Venezuelan Presidential Sash is a diagonal sash with the colors horizontally divided into yellow, blue and red in equal stripes, plus the Coat of Arms in the middle as seen in picture here.
E.R.,11 January 2010

Presidential "Command Banderoles" (used during the 70s')

image by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 2 December 2002

The flag of the president is the tricolor with proportions 1:1 and the Coat of Arms (covering approx. half of the flag) centered on the flag and with four stars (one above, one below, one to the right and one to the left).
Source: Christian Fogd Pedersen - Flaggor i färg, 1973 [ped73].
Marcus Wendel , 15 September 1999

In the Crampton's book [cra90f] in page 96 is described the President's flag as follows: "... is square, with the National Arms over all in the centre, and a white star, each tilted towards the hoist, above, below an on either side of the Arms..."
The question is: - Is there one, four or seven star(s)?
Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 10 November 2002

The flag that I have got 4 stars, one in each side of the flag, between the edge and Coat of Arms, one on the yellow stripe, another one in red stripe and two on the blue one each side of the Coat of Arms; all the stars with a point totally downwards on inverted form to the way they are usually seen habitually. I also believe that Crampton's text means that there are four.
Jose Luis Brugués, 10 November 2002

Presidential "pennant" used during the 70s'.
Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 15 November 2002

Pennant (gallardete) is a strange title. A gallardete (long pennant) is defined by the spanish Academy as "long fabric that finish in point for to be used by the war flags that bear national colors, hoisted in the masthead.
Jaume Olle', 17 November 2002

With regards to the terminology, its necesssary to rectify because the denomination of these vexillological pieces is "Command Banderoles" and not "Pennants" for the Presidency of the Republic. In the practice, its dimensions observes ratio 2:3.
Raul Orta, 21 November 2002

According to Pedersen [ped73]: since approximately 1950 the President uses a flag that is pictured as a square tricolour Y-B-R, in the center the arms, approximately half as high as the flag,, with on all four sides of the arms a white five-pointer star, pointing down, the upper one borderd black. Before that the president used the military flag.
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 21 August 2003

This is, I guess, one variation (interpretation) of the flag cllaed on "Command Banderoles". I believe that this was used in naval usage insead of the current blue flag, just as a red flag was used intead of the current yellow. Or maybe the "Command Banderoles" had a bit wider use then only in the navy and the red flag was only for the army.
}eljko Heimer, 22 August 2003

At Crampton's [cra90f]: President - square version of the trivolour with arms over all in the centre, flanked by 4 tilted stars.
}eljko Heimer, 29 August 2003

Presidential Army Ensign (1970-1997)

image by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 15 November 2002

Presidential army ensign (1970-1997).
Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 15 November 2002

Presidential Flag in 1926 Flaggenbuch

image by }eljko Heimer, 6 September 2003

In the 1926 Flaggenbuch, the war and wtate flag in square form was the Presidential Standard. See: Venezuela - Historical Flags 1817-1954.
by }eljko Heimer, 6 September 2003

Presidential Flag in Fachinger Collection

image by Jens Patke, 12 June 2004

At Fachinger Collection - Plate 6: Venezuela, Standard of President, Flag of Minister of War and Marine.
Jaume Olle', 12 June 2004

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