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Off-centred Crosses (Overview)

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Below is a compilation of off-centred crosses (as in many Scandinavian flags), found on flags on this web site. Note that, although commonly described as Scandinavian crosses, the flags linked here include many variants from many places in and outside Scandinavia, and many have little or nothing to do with Scandinavian flag traditions. Fimbriation colours are identified in brackets. Crosses in italics are proposals, or flags of uncertain or dubious status.
White Yellow Red Blue Green Black Other
BR São Paulo (red)
DE Schweriner RG (blue)
FI Finnish Yacht Club (blue),
IS University of Iceland (blue),
LV Latvian Scandinavian cross (red),
NL Diever (red), Idaerderadiel (red)

RU Stavropol,
Catholic Cathedra of Stockholm, West Sweden (blue), Swedish speaking in the Baltic (blue), Swedish speaking in the Baltic (red)

BR Frei Martinho PB
Thunstetten, Switzerland,
DE Schleswig-Holstein (19th Century variants), Masburg, RP
DK Denmark,
GL Greenland - Administration Ships, Greenland (green),
HK Hong Kong Baptist Boat flag,
LV Cesis, Latvia,
NL Goor,
NO Norway (1814), Vestlandet (blue),
UA Volyinia, Berhad' District
US Black Star Line
VIVirgin Islands souvenir flag

AU Royal Freshwater Club YC burgee
BR Mandaguaçu (red), Reserva do Cabaça, MT
EC Manta, Manabi,
EE Parnu, Estonia (black), Estonian Ramblers Association,
ES Vilabertran, Catalonia
FI Bothnia, Finland 1863 proposal,
FR Calais,
GB Shetland, self-proclaimed dependency of Forvik (Shetland)
IS Iceland 1897,
US ED Hurlbut & Co Appalachicola Line, Ansonia, CT

BR Paulo Ramos, Maranhão
CA Chilliwack, BC
EE Tyri Linn, Jarvamaa,
GB Barra,
GL Greenland, Greenland (blue),
NL Zwagerbos, Marum, Haaren (green, white)
NO Saami,
PR Puerto Rico Independence Party,
US New Milford, Connecticut USA

DK Sorgeflag
white cross on grey:
LV Aluksne

white cross on purple:
USA Scranton University,

AX Åland (blue),
DE Teutonic Order (black)
NL Borger-Odoorn, Drenthe, Netherlands (red),
NO Northern Norway (red),
SE Norrland (blue), AIK Club, Sweden (black), Swedish Tourist Association (blue)

Other Nordisk Flaggselskapp (red)

BR Senador Amaral, MG
DE CDU proposal for Germany (black), German Young Democrat's League (black), German Free Democratic Party,
ES Castañeda, Grupo Odiel Shipping
FI Swedish speaking people in Finland, Finland 1863 proposal, Norrland (blue),
NO Trøndeland (blue), Nasjonal Samling, Norway,
SE Skåneland,
SY Teshreen Club, Latakia, Syria,
UA Volodarka District, Ukraine (vertical)

BR Pernambuco Yacht Club, Novo Horizonte do Norte, MT
DE North Friesland variant (red),
LV Riga, Latvia (17th C),
NL Beers, Veghel, Tilburg, Oldenzaal Hanseatic flag, Bunschoten,
SE Sweden, Hälsingland (red),
US Wilmington, DE

CZ Svatojanský Újezd
ES Avinyó, Spain,
HR Pula (Croatia),
SE Öland

ES Autonomous Bases (Bases Autónomas) (red),
SE Härjedalen,
AU Sydney,
BE Compagnie Maritime Belge du Congo,
BY Christian-Democratic Union,
CA Mi'kmaq state flag, Western Canada Steamship Company
DE Burg, RP, Biggesee Rowing Club (white, red), Ruderverein Kurhessen-Cassel (white, blue), Ruderklub Kurhessen (white, red), Rathenower RC Wiking (white, black)
DK Jutland,
EE Seto People (patterned)
ES Luesia, Spain (with yellow fly triangle), Royal standard of Ramiro I, Flags at Sóller Annual Municipal Festival
FO Faroe Islands (blue),
GB North of England, Lundy, Yorkshire, Lloyds of London burgee (dark blue)
GE Georgian Orthodox Church(white, blue), Abkhasia proposal (white, red)
IT Raggio & Co. Shipping
LV Ventspils
NL Havelte, De Schelde House Flag, Rosmalen, De Maas rowing club honorary member
PE Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
TO Tonga naval ensign (white, red),
US Funch & Meinke Lines, ED Hurlbut & Co Pensacola Line, Pioneer Line of Australia Packets
Other Episcopal Church, Flag Institute

BR São Caetano de Odivelas, PA
Christian Democratic Union proposal (black),
ES War Ensign 1785
FI Finland proposal (1863) (blue), Finnish merchant ensign (1918) (blue, white)
GB Orkney Islands,
NL Ruurlo, Herten, Netherlands (blue edges)
Other Norden

FR Normandie (yellow), Mouvement Normand (yellow)

AX Åland (yellow),
BE Compagnie Maritime Belge,
BR Taquarussu, Mato Grosso do Sul, Alegre, Espírito Santo (yellow), Balneário Gaivota, SC (white), Domingos Martins, ES, Chapadinha, MA(yellow), Santa de Parnaiba, SP (yellow), Cachoeira de Minas, MG (white), Dom Joaquim, MG (white), Dom Silvério, MG (white), Lagoa Formosa, MG (white), Santa Rita de Caldas, MG (white), Alagoa Grande PB, Cuite PB, Escada PE (white), Barras, PI (white), Altônia, PR (white)
CL Chilean Ministers and Diplomats (white),
DE Oldenburg,
FI 1863 proposal (yellow), 1863 proposal (green),
IN Mizoram (white)
IS Iceland (white), Iceland president (white)
JP Keio High School YC burgee
SE Bohuslän,
US Wells & Emanuel / Empire Line
Other Marriage of the Century (fictional kingdom) (light blue),

BR Guaíra, SP (white), Curvelo, MG (white), São Domingos do Prata, MG (white), São Joaquim de Bicas, MG (white), Aral Moreira, MS (white), Monte Alegre, PA (white), Abatiá, PR (white)
ES Montornés del Vallès (white),
NL Lemmer,
SE Småland, Småland (white),

DE German flag proposals, ca. 1919 (yellow)
MX Mariano Matamoros - Battalion of San Pedro
CL Chilean Sailing Federation,
CO Andalucia,
CZ Kostelecké Horky
DE BRC Sport-Möwe  (white, blue), ARG zu Berlin (white, blue)
ES Alvargonzález S.A.
FI Finland,
FR République Libre du Frioul,
GE Tbilisi (white, gold)
HR Lekenik
HU Kozarmisleny
IS Iceland proposal (1914) (white, blue),
NL Nautilus Rowing Club, Oosterhesselen, Wierden, Wittem
PR Bayamon (yellow),
RS VK Galeb rowing club, Belgrade
RU Karelia (1930 proposal) (orange),
SV Maya Lenca people,
US ED Hurlbut & Co Mobile Line
Religion Mormon heritage flag (white, blue)

DE Northern Frisia (red),
IT Parma
SE Gøtaland,
RU Ingria (red),
NL Lelystad, Oldekerk
ZA Durban Coasters, Durban Lines

AU Greater Melbourne ensign (white),
BR Carmo do Paranaíba, Minas Gerais (yellow)
GB Orkney Islands (yellow), Monarch Steamship Co. (white),
Royal Lymington YC burgee (white)
NO Norway (white), Trøndeland  (yellow),
US Wells & Emanuel / Empire Line, Dovray, MN (white)
Other Northwest Arkansas Kindred (white)

AX Åland (yellow)
GB Frixos V. Papachristidis (white)

RU Vepsians (yellow), Lyydi Karelia (red)
US Portland, OR (white, yellow, white)

SE IFK Göteborg club
DE Mark Rowing Club (white, black), Post SV Koblenz
GL Greenland,
SE Norrland
ZA South African Naval Ensign 1952-81

SE Gotland

DK Bornholm, Bornholm (white),
NL Buitenpost (white)

NL Vendsyssel (orange)
RU Votia, Russia,
SE Öland (yellow)

NL Haaren (white)

RU Karelia (red),
BR Santos Futebol Clube,
DE Teutonic Order, German Empire (white, black), Kaiserlicher Yacht Club (red), Rostocker Rowing Club (white, black), Seerederei Nereus (white, black), Proposed General Government Flag 1939, Ratzeburger RC (white, black)
Rosslauer RG
FR Bezen Perot (Breton Political movement), Bagadou Stourm (Breton paramilitary movement) (white, yellow); St. John's Order in Brittany
LV Latvian National Guard (1941-44),
NL IJsselham (red),
USA Staunton, Virginia (white, black),
Other Baltic Duchy,

BR Clube de Regatas União,
DE Rowing club on the Teichwiesen
NL Anloo (yellow, black),
Vledder (yellow, black),

DE German Third Reich war ensign (white, black, white), Wirmer proposal for Germany (yellow),
GB Monarch Steamship Co.

FR Bleimor (Sea scouts, Brittany)(white),
RU East Karelia 1919-1920 (red),
Other Vinnland (musical group) (white)

HRA Reformist (Evangelist?) Church in Croatia

NL Heel en Panheel

ZA Safmarine, South Africa (blue)


SE Småland, Småland (white)

Other brown on white: Swainsboro, Georgia USA orange on blue: Zaječar, Serbia
White Yellow Red Blue Green Black

What defines a Scandinavian Cross?

A Scandinavian cross would by most vexillologists be defined as a straight-armed cross on a flag which goes out to the ends of the flag and which has the centre of the cross set closer to the hoist than to the fly.
Elias Grandqvist, 13 April 2001

The term Scandinavian cross is used to describe a 'hoist-ward off-set straight-armed orthogonal cross throughout' when this is appropriate, that is, when there is indeed a connection to Scandinavia, and not to do so otherwise.  Some vexillologists would insist that the connection to Scandinavia is essential, others don't.
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 4 July 2001

How many Scandinavian Cross flags are there?

I don't know if you can say for sure, exactly how many flags with Scandinavian crosses there are. It depends a bit on what flag you want to consider. Some flags with Scandinavian crosses are unofficial, private initiatives for some geographical areas, others are merely proposals which might never really have been in use.

There are 5 countries in the world today which have flags with Scandinavian crosses as their official national flags. All of them also have Scandinavian crosses in their state and/or their war flags. Would the later special flags count as flags on their own when counting the flags with Scandinavian crosses?
Elias Grandqvist, 13 April 2001


I recently received the INFO bulletin of the "Vlaggen Dokumentatie Centrum Nederland" (Flag Documentation Center of the Netherlands). It lists a number of flags using the Nordic [off-centred] cross design. Derk [Derkwillem Visser, Jr.; the editor] states that they come from "Under Nordisk Flagg" (Under the Northern Flags) by Per Andersson.

William M. Grimes-Wyatt, 6 March 1996

Corrections and additions by Jan Oskar Engene, Željko Heimer and Pascal Vagnat.

Two other books may be of interest:

Both books are in Swedish. The latter one is more concentrated on flags than the former. One problem with these works is that there are no references, so we are often not told when and where the flags surfaced. I am skeptical towards the existence of some of them. Probably, quite a few of the designs are merely proposals. The lack of references and documentation in the booklets mentioned, made it difficult to decide the status of some of the flags.

Jan Oskar Engene, 7 March 1996

There's a book about flags with this types of crosses, "Nordiska Korsflaggor", written by Per Andersson (1992). This book is known to not be very specific about sources, so some people regard many of the flags described in it as rather dubious.

Elias Grandqvist, 13 April 2001

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